‘Ruining Reckless’ – The LEGENDARY SAGA(!) of our front page reddit AMA, part 1.

Hi guys! One of the things that I really miss about the early development period of RotR was having the time and motivation to post really detailed ‘gamedev’ posts. There was a certain point where we had to leave such posts behind, replacing them with updates for our backers and players.  Well now the game is released (By the way, Ruin of the Reckless is available RIGHT NOW), so we can finally get ‘back to basics’ as it were, sharing interesting tidbits about our development and iteration process. And it just so happens that we have quite an interesting tidbit to share indeed!

About two days after release I posted an AMA on reddit expecting a small boost for our metrics.  Instead we ended up having the 50th  most successful reddit AMA of all time, collecting 35,800 upvotes before it was over, rocketing to the #1 spot on the reddit front page and sticking around up there for about 11 hours. (Here’s a link in case you missed it.)

This puts us ahead of some very notable AMAs; The scientists at NASAs New Horizon Team, Senator Rand Paul, The Wikileaks Staff, Jon Stewart, Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Mike Rowe, Bill Nye, Key and Peele, etc…)

I won’t pretend to know ‘why’ that happened… but I wanted to take some time here to tell you guys the story of our actions leading up to that moment, as well as the overall impact of this event on our business. Perhaps others can learn from our experience and benefit somehow…

There will be three posts in this series (Part 1 – The Failed Post, Part 2 – The Successful Post, and Part 3 – The Business Impact)


Part 1 – The Failed Post

So firstly I just want to establish that before this whole event Danny and I had basically decided that we never wanted to post on reddit again. After many attempts to post on various subreddits under an older name, we were made acutely aware that it was frowned upon to use an account just for self promotion of our product (Yes, I know, we’re dumb, sorry.)

Reddit has something called the 1/10 rule, which means that for every ONE post you make promoting your own work you must make TEN posts about other things.  Each subreddit is different, some ignore the rule, some follow it very closely, some actually hold posters to a higher ratio or even insist that only submissions count towards the total.  We didn’t understand any of this, really, and that was our mistake. We had developed a HUGE backlog of posts on indie-dev subreddits (where they mostly ignore the 1/10 rule.) After several ‘hot’ submissions were taken down from other subreddits, we realized that the account had to be abandoned completely, as it would never ‘really’ be allowed to post on any non-gamedev reddits ever again.

So about six months ago or so I created a new reddit account ‘InsanelySpicyCrab’, and resolved to almost NEVER use it for any kind of self promotion at all. Instead I just lurked, made small submissions, and commented on minor things. If Ruin of the Reckless came up for some reason, I would actively avoid discussing it publicly, directing others to PM me instead.  This was all in the service of a naive hope… that somehow when we released we would be allowed to post one ‘big’ thing that blew up and made it to the front page.  I knew it was a long shot, but it seemed like it was worth a try… so I puttered about posting about ‘whatever’ and making sure the account was active.


On April 23rd, 2017, I messaged the moderators of iAMA and I let them know that we planned on doing an AMA to celebrate our release on the 26th.  I gave them almost the exact text of the post and cleared it with them in advance. I was assured that everything looked good and it would be no problem.

Release rolled around on April 26th, 2017.  Following the hectic PR schedule we had arranged with the help of Charlene at Player Two PR we began sending out press releases and doing the rest of the ‘normal’ stuff you would expect around that time.  I also went ahead and posted up the AMA that we had cleared with mods.

The post seemed to be doing well.  We were getting a healthy engagement level with plenty of comments and up votes.  It wasn’t blowing up like crazy or anything, but it looked decent and we were more or less satisfied.  However, about 2 hours later, the post was mysteriously blacklisted. (When a post is blacklisted it remains ‘active’, but no longer appears in reddit users feed. Essentially, this kills the post.)  I have had posts blacklisted before and generally you get a message from the mods explaining why… but we got nothing. No explanation, no communication at all.

WHAT A DISASTER! It was release day, this AMA was a big part of our plan… so I messaged the mods on reddit – no response, then I tweeted to them – no response… then I emailed them – no response. We waited and waited, but still no response.  After nine hours I came to what I thought was the only logical conclusion, “The mods are deliberately ignoring me.” It hardly mattered anymore… release day was over. The ‘front page dream’ was dead.


Late in the night I finally received a response from a mod.  An automated bot had mistaken our post for a crowd funding advertisement because the title contained the word “Kickstarter.”  I explained the entire situation; that our Kickstarter had actually ended seven months ago, that I had cleared our post in advance with the mods… I insisted that the only fair thing to do was let us post again, and luckily the mods agreed.

Alright, conspiracy is over, the mods are just doing their jobs… all is right in the world.  However, I didn’t really want to post the new AMA immediately since we were so exhausted after release… so I resolved to revisit the AMA on the 28th.  I figured that it wouldn’t have much of an impact this time. In my mind, we had already used up much of our goodwill on the first one that was taken down.  “Better than nothing”, I thought. We’ll eke out a tiny PR boost and be done with it.

Well, as you know, that isn’t quite how it worked out…



Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #13 – Ruin of the Reckless just released! YAY!

Ruin of the Reckless is NOW AVAILABLE!

Hello every one, I want to keep this short and sweet today. Those of you that have been following along know what’s going on!
Ruin of the Reckess is now available on Steam, GOG.com and itch.io!

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/516430

GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/ruin_of_the_reckless

Itch.io: https://fauxoperativegames.itch.io/ruin-of-the-reckless

(We’re also available on The Humble Store!)

Ruin of the Reckless retails for $15.00 (discounted 15% to 12.75 for the first week)

The Official Soundtrack retails for $5.00 (discounted 15% to $4.25 for the first week)

The Collectors Edition Art Pack retails for $2.99 (discounted 15% to $2.54 for the first week)

It has been a long and crazy ride and we couldn’t have done it without our fans and Kickstarter community! I can’t possibly express the gratitude I feel to our community for helping us get this far. None of this could have ever been possible without your help! We will never forget what you’ve all done for us and if any of our backers ever want to talk to us, just drop us a line, our door is always open to you!

We will be doing an iAMA on reddit today HERE


For those of you that would like to go that extra mile in helping us out on release day, please consider jumping on twitter and dropping a tweet of one of the GIFs in this album along with a link to our steam store page (http://store.steampowered.com/app/516430) Say something cool and hip like… “This totally hip, rad, and tubular game is available RIGHT now on Steam + [STEAM LINK]” Throw some hashtags on there too (#indiegames, #indiedev, #pixelart, #gamedev are all really good ones)

Don’t have a twitter, that’s totally fine! You can help spread the word through facebook, forums, reddit, discord or any other online community that you happen to be a part of.  However, please do NOT spam communities you are not a part of! Try not to annoy people, that won’t help us at all!

RotR Release GIF Collection! ROTR releases April 26th

Every sale on Steam increases our chances of making our way up the top sellers lists and that could make a big, big, BIG difference! If you don’t want to link to Steam for some reason, that’s totally fine! Just go ahead and link to our GOG or itch.io store pages instead!

That’s it everyone! We’ll be supporting the game moving forward and doing our best to make sure that all of our players have a smooth experience! We sincerely hope that you all enjoy the game!

Please come say hi in one of our online communities!


Steam Community

Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #12 – RotR RELEASES TOMORROROWWOW !_!! @_@_@ !!

RotR Releases to Steam, GOG.com, Itch.io and The Humble Store TOMORROW!

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/516430
GOG: I’m not sure what the address will be, but we will be on the gog.com landing page on release day so it won’t be too hard to find!

I have cool news! The first thing is that Ruin of the Reckless is ALREADY AVAILABLE IN FRENCH. If you’re running it through Steam, right click the game name, go to properties, then ‘languages’ and switch to French, that’s it! You’re in business.

The second is that very soon after release RotR will also be available in both Spanish and Portuguese.

The translations have been undertaken by dedicated fans and members of our community and thanks to their efforts many more people will hopefully be able to play the game in their native tongues.
I want to thank, Kazey, Miguel Patil, Nexat Gameplays, and Garreheld for giving us the opportunity to reach these audiences!

The next announcement I have is potentially a very big deal for even those of you speak speak just one language!

Official Soundtrack

We was able to get all of the artists that worked on the game to sign on, and although we didn’t initially think it was possible there will indeed
be a Ruin of the Reckless soundtrack available at launch! Assuming that the store page is approved in time, the album will be available from either Steam or GOG, (and possibly Itch.io as well.) on release day!

It will include lossless stereo-mixed versions of each track from the game, and will be priced at $4.99 US (asjusted by region), and for the first week it will be sold at a 15% discount along with the game and Collectors-Edition Art Pack. Speaking of Collectors Edition Art packs…

I’m sure many of you have heard every track by now, but here’s the description for those of you that have been under a rock!.

“Featuring an original theme song by Slime Girls, the Ruin of the Reckless soundtrack is a fast paced nostalgic crawl through tracks from the extremely talented minds behind Slime Girls,Protodome, and LRAD.

Experience the kaleidoscopic, electrical AWE of the awesome power of music! Through this one of a kind curated audio master collection you will be guided on a tour of aural wonder with 8 songs by Slime Girls, 4 by Protodome, and 1 by LRAD. This incredible selection of techni-color sonic pleasure will be laid at your feet. You will be inspired, you will be crushed, you will be broken down and built again. That’s the POWER OF MUSIC!

These tracks will delight all of your senses, as long as all of those senses are ‘hearing.’ Don’t believe us? Why don’t you talk to Popzara; they called it “the best soundtrack in any game… since the classic Lyle in Cube Sector”.

Note: Included files are in mp3 format.”

Collectors Edition Art-Pack

The collectors edition art pack contains concept art, illustrations, and other pieces from throughout development.

It will be available for $2.99 from Steam and GOG as well (and maybe itch.io) as well?

Here’s the product description:

“For true fans and supporters!

This Collectors Edition Art Pack contains Concept Art, Illustrations, pixel art, and Windows icons that you can use to get a glimpse in to our design process and show off your love for Ruin of the Reckless.

Concept Art Pack – 42 pieces of concept art used to created Ruin of the Reckless (some illustrations, some pixel art) including concepts for several enemies that did not make it in to the game, and two 1920×1080 wallpapers depicting unused alternate versions of Stargroves final encounter with the master of the tower.

HD Ending Illustrations – The talented artist Talikira created gorgeous art depicting the final wishes of Stargrove and Stella. These 9 ultra-HD (4320×2340) renderings of the scenes show her illustrations off in gorgeous clarity, depicting a level of detail much greater than what is seen in the base-game.

Ending Illustration Concepts – On her way to crafting the gorgeous ending illustrations that made it into the game, Talikira prepared sketches and concepts depicting early versions and story-boards of each scene. These 20 illustrations each depict different stages of her process on various frames that made it into the final game.

Windows Icons – A fun collection of 5 windows icons depicting characters and assets from the game.

Original Kickstarter Promotional Art – Original concept art by Maki Naro, used during our Kickstarter campaign. Also includes an ‘alternate version’ with Kickstarter branding as featured on our Kickstarter page.

Official FOG logos and branding – Official original logos and branding images and assets used by FOG in official promotional material. You could use them to… make your own ‘fan poster’? I dunno! They’re in here too though!

Chibi-Pixel Emotes – The original pixel art used to make our charming Steam Emotes.”

Final Thoughts

For the penultimate time before release (we’re doing another post tomorrow) I want to thank all of you for coming along on this amazing ride with us and making Ruin of the Reckless a reality! We are humbled with gratitude! Good luck out there people!

Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #11 – Release approaches! Reviews are coming in, merch has been sent out! It’s HAPPENING!

Hello again every one!

This will likely be one of the last Backer updates before our impending Release: April 26th to Steam, Itch.io, The Humble Store

I just wanted to update every one on… well, every thing, and let you know what has happened in the last few weeks.

Backer / Customer Satisfaction Survey

I’ve gone ahead and designed this survey for backers to give us some feedback on their experience with the game.  If you have played the game already and wouldn’t mind helping us out, please take some time to answer this short survey about your experience so far so that we can improve Ruin of the Reckless in the final days approaching release and beyond!


Merchandise and Order Fulfillment

(If you’re not concerned with Kickstarter merchandise fulfillment you can skip this part.)

So first of all, I want to check up on every body. ALL backers that paid for the game should have now received their game keys, ALL backers that purchased plushies should now have received their new buddies, Backers should also now be beginning to receive art prints. (There are a few exceptions to this but those people have been contacted)

If you are expecting rewards that have NOT been received, please contact us immediately so we can sort you out.  We have a shortlist of people that we have reached out to but were unable to send out their requested rewards. Usually this is because the address you gave us through backerkit is incomplete. By my count, there are about 8 such people that have emailed and not received a response.  If you still want your backer wards, please contact us!

Reviews and Coverage

Reviews and final press coverage for the game are finally starting to trickle in and I am pleased to report that they are pretty glowing so far.  What I wanted to do for this post was include every review, positive or not!  So far though, every thing has been pretty positive so we didn’t have much to agonize over. Any way, here is a shortlist of notable coverage we have recently received. I’m going to avoid listing Twitch Streams and Lets plays here, but there are already quite a few uploaded to both twitch.tv and youtube for those interested!

First up we have a video review from Youtuber Qalaxy. Qalaxy had this to say “Overall, this is a pretty awesome game.”  He did have some criticisms to levy about some information missing from the tutorial, and wished we had provided more HUD / display options.  That’s understandable, hopefully we can address some of that post release! Qalaxy also describes RotR as a “shining beacon of hope for what crowdfunding can achieve” That’s some good sauce! (Also, while i’m here I might as well point you towards this absolutely hilarious 10 minute ‘Gets Played’ by Qalaxy, the production values are wonderful and I was laughing out loud for most of it. Stay until the end for maximum enjoyment.)

Next up, here’s a review from GGSGamer. GGSGamer found RotR to be “An infuriatingly addictive and beautifully nostalgic brawler-crawler”, we’ll take it!

Here’s one from Games Almanac. “It’s got a unique art style, great characterization, a retro feel, and enough to keep you interested and likely coming back to the tower many times. If you’re willing to take the risk, and able to stay alive, then the tower is yours for the taking.”

Here’s a review from Hyper Light Up. “Ruin of the Reckless is yet another fantastic roguelike game with a unique look and sound.”, although he did wish to see a greater variety of enemy types. (8.9/10 score)

Lastly, here’s a review from Quillstreak. “Ruin of the Reckless is a wonderful new entry to the Roguelike arena that binds tantalising, mechanically sound gameplay with a gorgeous art style and an inspiring soundtrack.” (83% score)

Now, i’m sure there are more reviews coming, but i’m not sure if we will be able to do separate highlights on each them going forward.  I also would just take the time here to thank TieTuesday (again) this time for mentioning Ruin of the Reckless on Totalbiscuits wildly popular co-optional podcast.  That video alone has almost TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND VIEWS as of this writing, so it certainly couldn’t have hurt us!


Final Thoughts and Signing Off

Well, i’m not really sure what else there is to say guys! This has been a wonderfully wild ride, it has been insane, really. And here we are at the end of the line with a game that we can honestly say we’re really proud of.  We’re already taking notes on all of the feedback we are seeing for a possible mega-update or even expansion in the future. But we can’t say for sure whether something like that will be possible until we start seeing the sales numbers.

It has been an amazing journey getting this far. I hope we can count on every one’s support going forward. These last two months have been HUGE for indie gaming and there is a lot of competition out there! It remains to be seen whether we can get this title noticed by the masses, so please cross your fingers for us! Especially if you’re interested in what we turn out next!

However it works out, we want to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to every one that came along on this crazy ride with us! To our familes and friends that have supported us, and the community that has sprung up around the game!  Most of all thank you to all of the people out there that had nothing to do with us personally but still put their money on the line for the gamble that two idealistic strangers could produce something you’d want to play! Thank you all, so, so much. Thinking about it brings a tear to my eye!

We will be releasing April 26th on Steam, Itch.io, The Humble Store (and maybe one more storefront that I can’t mention yet…) We’ll be posting one last big update around that time, so keep your eyes peeled!

To all of our backers (and well… every one else) don’t be strangers! Hang out on our Steam CommunityJump on to our Discord and say hi! Email us at fauxoperativegames@gmail.com, DM us or follow us on Twitter, or message us on facebook!


Thank you all for every thing!

Faux-Operative Games




Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #10 – All ‘full version’ backers have been sent preview keys

Hello again every one,

ALL of our backers that paid for access to the game have been emailed access keys to the public preview build of Ruin of the Reckless. To summarize and clarify, Ruin of the Reckless has NOT been released (It will be released, as announced, on April 26th, 2017.) However, since we promised backers they would have access in March 2017 during our Kickstarter campaign, we thought it only fair to give you all beta access before the end of the month.

These keys will be distributed via itch.io but must be redeemed on STEAM.

You will be receiving access to a (late) beta version of the game.  There are still some errors/issues in the build that we expect to sort out before the final release date. As always, please leave feedback on our community trello (a link will be included in the email you receive.)

Please visit our Community DISCORD CHANNEL!  These days, I am in there most of the time taking questions and talking to backers/fans. It’s the easiest way to get immediate feedback or help.

The full email that has been sent out is reproduced below:


Game Logo
Hello friends!

You are receiving this email because you backed Ruin of the Reckless during our Kickstarter campaign at a level where you would receive the game at release.

You can redeem the attached key via Steam (at the bottom of this e-mail) using these instructions:https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?re…

To clarify, Ruin of the Reckless has NOT been released yet. It will be released on April 26, 2017. The game is still in (late) beta and you may still run in to issues/errors as a result. The few remaining issues in the build will be resolved and worked out as we approach release. If you would like to wait for the ‘retail experience’, you may want to wait until then.

However, since we had originally announced a March 2017 release date during the Kickstarter, we thought it was only fair that we offer all paying backers access to the latest public preview build before the end of the month!

Game Logo
We are using itch.io to furnish these Steam beta access keys to our backers because it allows those of you that forgot to fill out backerkit surveys to receive the keys automatically, and honestly this was just the most convenient/efficient way to do it.

Please leave feedback, errors, and suggestions on our official community trello here.

Thanks to all of you for backing Ruin of the Reckless!

We are excited for what is to come and look forward to your feedback and support as we approach release!

– Faux-Operative Games


Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #9 – RotR WILL BE RELEASED 4/26/2017

Today we’ve got big news! Ruin of the Reckless will be released on APRIL 26,  2017. Available via STEAM and ITCH.IO

In preparation for this most major of milestones we have created an updated trailer! Check it out!

Wow, that was awesome! Thanks to Jesse Poore (@GamesWeStream) for his fantastic work editing that together.

Ruin of the Reckless will launch for Windows PC on April 26, 2017, featuring a full set of Steam Trading Cards,  co-op play, input support for XBOX 360, PS3, and PS4 controllers, two playable characters (with 10 alternate costumes each), 29 Skills/Abilities, 38 Chaos Cards, 101 pieces of equipment/items,  11 unique enemy types, 2 epic boss fights, 20 floors to challenge, and one wish to be granted! (well, actually two wishes…) 

We want to thank you all for coming along with us on this crazy ride. There are things that didn’t turn out exactly the way we would have wanted;  Mechanics we had to drop, characters and story-events that had to be cut, zones and enemies that just didn’t make sense in the end… business opportunities of every shape and form that fell through or were underutilized, and a ton of lessons learned… but in the end we are immensely proud of what we have created,  which is why we will be supporting it with updates, bug fixes, and hopefully even some small content additions up to and following release.

We have also updated our presskit with new information, updated screenshot and GIF packs, updated press/contact information and more.

Note: For any inquiries, business opportunities or PR/marketing questions please contact Charlene at Player Two PR: charlie (at) playertwopr.com

The feedback we have been getting on the latest build has really been incredibly positive so we are very optimistic for what is to come!

We welcome all of you to join us as our focus switches to promotion and preparation for our upcoming release on April, 26, 2017. It makes me happy to think that some day, someone might point to Ruin of the Reckless and say “Look! Here’s proof that small indie Kickstarters really CAN deliver!” Our success means, at least in some small way, it will be easier for others to use crowd funding to bring new ideas to life.


Need some help with your crowd funding campaign?

As an aside, several times over the course of development other indies have contacted me asking for help or thoughts with regards to their planned Kickstarter/crowdfunding campaigns.  With a humble campaign like ours, I really don’t know how valuable my advice can actually be, but I want to extend an invitation to any indies out there that are in the same boat we were to get in touch and I would be happy to look over your campaigns and give you my thoughts. Perhaps I can help you avoid some of the mistakes that we have made along the way.


There’s not much else to say here guys, thanks again every one/ Please join us on our OFFICIAL DISCORD, See you on APRIL 26th, 2017

– Faux-Operative Games


Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #8 – Version 0.9A

Hey every body,
This is just a quick update to let you know what’s going on  right not at Faux-Operative Games in the lead up to a big announcement later this week. Our next update will include some very exciting news including the announcement of our release date.

Art Prints / Merchandise

Alright, so those of you that gave to the Kickstarter at the > $50.00 range probably have noticed you haven’t received your art prints yet.

unnamedHere’s how they turned out! (Sorry for the bad lighting, I am not a photographer!) No logo on these because we wanted to show off Maki Naro’s beautiful art! People will ask “where is that awesome art-print from?” and you will say “Why it’s from Ruin of the Reckless, silly!”

The above picture really doesn’t do the prints justice, they are super glossy and look really good in person.

They are already signed and ready to go; we will be sending them out this week, so you should be receiving them soon.  Just a note; if you were supposed to receive a Skullslime or a Ratcoon and have NOT received it, please contact us at fauxoperativegames@gmail.com so we can sort you out. Once we send out these art prints we will have delivered all of the merchandise promised during our Kickstarter campaign, so that will be a big milestone!

Version 0.9A

Version 0.9A has been completed and pushed to steam.  This version of the game is feature complete, there is nothing ‘missing’ from this build making it a good approximation of what the final game will look like. Please note, this does NOT mean the build is error free.  We will be asking our backers and supporters to please run through the new build and see if they can ferret out whatever remaining issues there are.  Here is a rundown of what’s new in this build…

Character Specific Endings

The big addition here is the character specific endings.  I’ll warn you guys in advance that if you beat the game with the ‘BABY’ chaos card equipped you shouldn’t expect to get the ‘full’ ending that you would otherwise.  We’re fine with some people getting this painful surprise, but not you, our blog-reading die-hards. As for the ‘normal’ endings, I won’t spoil too much here! These endings will teach you a lot more about the world of Ruin of the Reckless than you knew before.  I hope we get a chance to explore this universe a bit more with our upcoming games!

Herbal Potions


Herbal health potions get more expensive the more you buy.

We have added a special ‘herbal healing potion’ .  This item only (and always) appears inside the shop.  It will heal one hit point, and you can buy it repeatedly. Each herbal health potion costs more than the last one though, so it’s an easy way to heal one or two health at each shop but more than that can get pretty expensive.

We think this mechanic will play nicely in to the ‘risk-reward’ theming of the game, as well as give players a bit more leeway in their decision making with regards to health.

Bug Fixes

Lots of little buggies fixed in this version when compared with 0.8. Here’s a shortlist…

Fixed an error that caused Dino Slimes to behave incorrectly near items. Fixed an error that caused Dino slimes to become ‘stuck black’ under certain rare circumstances.

Fixed (hopefully) all remaining wall tile errors in dungeon generation.

Fixed (hopefully)  an error that caused the mid-boss fight to fail to start under certain rare circumstances.

Gave Stella her own ‘death sound’

Fixed a depth sorting error that caused coins to sometimes disappear ‘behind’ walls.

Fixed an error that caused sword storm to sometimes generate invisible swords when Vampires casted it.

Fixed an error that caused certain visual glitches when Golems were present.

Fixed the timing on various weapon start-ups and lags.

Fixed an error that caused an unsightly ‘pushing boxes’ error when ratcoons touched boxes.

Fixed an error that caused players to be unable to pick up items that were too close to Ace Blade.

Updates to final boss fight and ‘The Builder’ enemy.

Fixed an error that caused shockwaves to have an incorrect hitbox (that nobody noticed this WHOLE time, somehow…)









Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #7 – Heading Towards Release

Hello every one!

Today is an important update for Ruin of the Reckless, as it marks the release of version 0.8C. This is the first ‘feature complete’ build of the game to be prepared. It is missing only the character endings. As usual, this blog post will be posted on Kickstarter early tomorrow morning.

The new build has already been pushed to all of our beta backers via Steam.

To all of our beta backers, please give the build some runs and leave feedback on our community Trello. Let us know what you think, experiment, try to break the game, and try out co-op mode as well.  We will need your help to ferret out the remaining issues and bugs that we have to find before release. Once our beta backers help us confirm that this build is bug free and ready for prime time we will begin the process of adding the final elements and getting keys ready for all of our other backers. Once that happens, we will be asking ALL of our backers to start running the game through its paces, finding the last remaining errors, and sharing their feedback for us to integrate as we move towards release.

Any way, without further ado; Here are the new features and game elements that are included in this build:

Please note that there are tons of little tweaks and incremental changes not listed here. I think I have covered every thing that will be very noticeable or impactful since last time.  At this point, the only major feature still missing is the special/unique character endings. These are in progress and should be ready to go before the end of the month, hopefully along with a set of collectible Steam Cards and a new trailer for the game. As I mentioned, once the endings are in and this build is fully tested we will begin sending out keys to ALL of our backers that paid for access to the game.

New Features


Ace Blade: has been added to the tower. He can be summoned using the rare and valuable ‘Ace of Blades’ playing cards which can be found inside the tower, and has an associated Chaos Card which can be found in the shop. Ace will answer your call by descending in to the tower and wreaking some havoc on your behalf. More than any other item in the game, the Ace of Blades truly is a ‘get out of jail free card. He really is quite dangerous.  Special thanks to Marc Magruder for backing at ‘The Harbinger Of the Reckless’ level and helping us design Ace Blade!


New Fancy Title Screen: complete with a new original theme song track composed by Slime Girls.


The addition of Stella: Stella and Stargrove are equal in skill and capabilities, but each spirit has a unique look and ending sequence.  Play them together in co-op mode and scale the tower as a team! Stella can be played in single player mode or co-op mode. We really want to extend a very special thanks to Ishkandar Azani for making Stella possible by generously backing at the ‘The Reckless One’ level, and also for designing such a fun and interesting character that we were legitimately pumped to include in the game.

PS4 controller support has been added:  PS4 controllers will be recognized if connected and the hud will respond appropriately. However, to get the ‘correct’ experience you will need to go in to your gamepad settings and switch ‘gamepad type’ to PS4, otherwise certain HUD elements will display incorrectly for you.


New Credits Sequence: We have added a new credits sequence accessible from the main title screen. If you feel that you have been left off this list for any reason please contact us immediately!

Game Balance

Rapier: now has an extra hitbox which appears over the player on use. It should be much harder to take damage while lunging in to crowds. Doesn’t make the end location any safer though!

Heavy Blast Bracer: now has ending lag instead of starting lag. It is still risky to use and can cause issues, but you won’t find yourself getting ripped to pieces by enemies because you werne’t fast enough to react to their presence.

Improved Boss Battles: We have overhauled the mid and final boss fights to be much more fluid and engaging.

Barrels and Boxes: now have a small chance to drop items or enemies.

Rebalanced Orb powers: Gust and Power Slash have both been retooled and improved.

Teleportation Boots Removed: Teleportation boots have been replaced with a new Power Orb ->Teleportation.

Lots of other little tweaks as well!

Visual Improvements

New Fonts: have been replaced with higher resolution variants to increase readability. Thanks to Christopher Wearly for the awesome fonts.

Fixed Tile Errors: Almost every tile placement error has been resolved.

New Tiles: New Grass and sand tiles have been added to both tile sets.  The old grass tiles just weren’t very pretty so they have been replaced. Thanks to Jasper Boerstra for the new art.

New barrel/Box breaking Visuals: We added some neat effects to barrels and boxes when you break them. Thanks to Thomas Lean for the wonderful art.

New Sprites for Bosses: Both the final and mid bosses have received major overhauls to their animations and sprites.

Portal Fixes Monster and fire ball portals now correctly show silhouettes behind occluding walls.

Many, many, more little visual fixes all over the game on many visual elements.

Audio Improvements:

New Sounds: Many sounds have been retooled and improved since the last build as well.

Once again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support. We could have never brought the game to fruition without you all and we will be forever grateful to the wonderful community of players and backers that helped us fight to make Ruin of the Reckless a reality.

That’s it for today. We are very eager to see what you guys all think of the new build. We will have further announcements about our release plans and release date before the end of the month.

Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #6

Hello all! As usual the kickstarter version of this update will be going up tomorrow morning.

This is just a very quick update to let you know what is going on. We have a much more exhaustive blog post planned for when we release the new (quite large) patch.


So the first and most important thing, Ruin of the Reckless now has a steam store and steam community page (complete with slick graphics!)


Please please take the time to check out the page! If you have some time invested in the Alpha or beta please leave a review! Leave comments, start discussions. The more activity on the page the better it bodes for our impending launch. We are starting to ramp up for release and we really need your help to spread the word!

If you do check out the steam store page you will probably notice that the release date is listed as ‘April 2017’. The exact release date will be announced very soon. This does mean we are going to miss our March release window. This is mainly due to factors outside of the game, such as graphic design for marketing materials, PR preparation, and related work that must be done before we can release which we just had not correctly budgeted our time for.


The next build of the game will include Ace Blade, our final piece of backer content!

However, by the end of this month (March, 2017) Ruin of the Reckless will be in very close to its final release state. Once we have the game in a very-near complete state, all of our backers that paid for access to the game will receive pre-release codes for Ruin of the Reckless. So if you backed us expecting to play the game in March that will still be the case!

There may be just a few small things missing from that build.  Some minor visual polish effects, character endings *may* not be ready by that point (although they probably will be) and of course in the lead-up to release we will be looking at the feedback from our backers and making adjustments accordingly.

Besides all that, I know many of you are anticipating a big patch which adds Stella and makes many fixes and improvements based on our beta backer feedback, and that is on the way.  However, we are waiting on just a few more art assets before we can push that build to steam and in the mean time I wanted you all to know what is going on from our end.


Well I don’t want to spoil too much about the new endings, but I think they are shaping up well. Thanks to Talikira for the beautiful art!

Thank you all for the love and support so far. There is no question about it, we will need your help in the coming months if we are going to make Ruin of the Reckless a success.  I hope we can count on our backers and fans to stick with us and help us make this launch as spectacular as we know it can be.

As always, Thanks a ton!

Faux-Operative Games

Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #5: Beta Build 0.4.2 released, LOCAL CO-OP HAS BEEN ADDED!

Hello every one,

This will just be a small post detailing the changes we have made in the last few days in response to backer feedback after the release of our beta backer build on Steam. (I’ll post this update to our backers tomorrow morning!)

There is a massive log of errors and changes made in response to your feedback, and that is available on our community Trello which has been accessed by many of our beta backers already. If you want to leave feedback on our community trello but do not have the ability for some reason, please let us know!   Here are some standout improvements I wanted to mention.


To test co-op by myself I had to get… creative.

Local Co-op Functionality – has been added! Stella isn’t in yet, but she is on the way.  For now, we have a second Stargrove for you to explore the tower with. And don’t forget you can change your colors with d-pad left and right on controllers, or with ‘alt’ on keyboard+mouse. Please keep in mind that Danny and I are in separate locations now and therefore unable to test co-op except by silly means like linking both controllers to one gamepad.  Please let us know what your experience is like, we did our best to make sure that it is as stable as the single player experience.  We are interested in your feedback about co-op AT ALL RESOLUTIONS so please try it out at different ones.

Memory Leak Issue Resolved – We went in and found the source of the memory leak that was causing game crashes after a few hours of play when entering the progress room. However, we were never able to reproduce the error on our systems so please let us know if you run in to it still.

Optimizations – We re-organized our texture calls to be much much more efficient, so pretty much every one should see a significant performance boost in the next build. Although this will make the game run better in general, and help our compatibility wth lower end systems, this may cause momentary hiccups as texture pages are loaded, so please let us know when those are happening for you so we can further optimize the calls.

Resolution Fixes – We noticed that players with ‘non-standard’ monitor sizes were getting some very odd behavior with their GUIs. We have fixed that issue so the game should look better on a MUCH wider range of monitors.  Additionally, we have put in a little ‘hotfix’ which will allow players with resolutions less than 1280×720 to play the game ‘for real.’  However, we did have to make some concessions to make that possible, so if you launch on such a system you will receive a warning detailing the specifics of the change.  RotR will never look ‘perfect’ on monitors below 1280×720 but we have tried our best to get it as good as it can given the limitations of that pixel density.

We made many many little tweaks – fixes, and updates to various elements based on our backer feedback/error reporting.  New visual effects for vampirism, siphoning, and mirror image. Beta level backers can check out the specific list on our community Trello to see the details of those changes. We also made some progress on our bosses but those changes will not be in 0.4.2 quite yet.

Here is a little gif showcasing some of the issues and bugs that we addressed in 0.4.2 since the launch of 0.4.1 just over five days ago. Rapid progress like this is made possible by the feedback of our backers on the community Trello so PLEASE DO NOT BE STRANGERS!


I want to take this opportunity, again, to thank our WONDERFUL backers and every one helping us test so far.  If you have been waiting for local co-op, now is your chance to help us test this game and make sure it is as good as it can be when we release late next month.

Thanks again every one,

Charles and Danny

Faux-Operative Games