Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #7 – Heading Towards Release

Hello every one!

Today is an important update for Ruin of the Reckless, as it marks the release of version 0.8C. This is the first ‘feature complete’ build of the game to be prepared. It is missing only the character endings. As usual, this blog post will be posted on Kickstarter early tomorrow morning.

The new build has already been pushed to all of our beta backers via Steam.

To all of our beta backers, please give the build some runs and leave feedback on our community Trello. Let us know what you think, experiment, try to break the game, and try out co-op mode as well.  We will need your help to ferret out the remaining issues and bugs that we have to find before release. Once our beta backers help us confirm that this build is bug free and ready for prime time we will begin the process of adding the final elements and getting keys ready for all of our other backers. Once that happens, we will be asking ALL of our backers to start running the game through its paces, finding the last remaining errors, and sharing their feedback for us to integrate as we move towards release.

Any way, without further ado; Here are the new features and game elements that are included in this build:

Please note that there are tons of little tweaks and incremental changes not listed here. I think I have covered every thing that will be very noticeable or impactful since last time.  At this point, the only major feature still missing is the special/unique character endings. These are in progress and should be ready to go before the end of the month, hopefully along with a set of collectible Steam Cards and a new trailer for the game. As I mentioned, once the endings are in and this build is fully tested we will begin sending out keys to ALL of our backers that paid for access to the game.

New Features


Ace Blade: has been added to the tower. He can be summoned using the rare and valuable ‘Ace of Blades’ playing cards which can be found inside the tower, and has an associated Chaos Card which can be found in the shop. Ace will answer your call by descending in to the tower and wreaking some havoc on your behalf. More than any other item in the game, the Ace of Blades truly is a ‘get out of jail free card. He really is quite dangerous.  Special thanks to Marc Magruder for backing at ‘The Harbinger Of the Reckless’ level and helping us design Ace Blade!


New Fancy Title Screen: complete with a new original theme song track composed by Slime Girls.


The addition of Stella: Stella and Stargrove are equal in skill and capabilities, but each spirit has a unique look and ending sequence.  Play them together in co-op mode and scale the tower as a team! Stella can be played in single player mode or co-op mode. We really want to extend a very special thanks to Ishkandar Azani for making Stella possible by generously backing at the ‘The Reckless One’ level, and also for designing such a fun and interesting character that we were legitimately pumped to include in the game.

PS4 controller support has been added:  PS4 controllers will be recognized if connected and the hud will respond appropriately. However, to get the ‘correct’ experience you will need to go in to your gamepad settings and switch ‘gamepad type’ to PS4, otherwise certain HUD elements will display incorrectly for you.


New Credits Sequence: We have added a new credits sequence accessible from the main title screen. If you feel that you have been left off this list for any reason please contact us immediately!

Game Balance

Rapier: now has an extra hitbox which appears over the player on use. It should be much harder to take damage while lunging in to crowds. Doesn’t make the end location any safer though!

Heavy Blast Bracer: now has ending lag instead of starting lag. It is still risky to use and can cause issues, but you won’t find yourself getting ripped to pieces by enemies because you werne’t fast enough to react to their presence.

Improved Boss Battles: We have overhauled the mid and final boss fights to be much more fluid and engaging.

Barrels and Boxes: now have a small chance to drop items or enemies.

Rebalanced Orb powers: Gust and Power Slash have both been retooled and improved.

Teleportation Boots Removed: Teleportation boots have been replaced with a new Power Orb ->Teleportation.

Lots of other little tweaks as well!

Visual Improvements

New Fonts: have been replaced with higher resolution variants to increase readability. Thanks to Christopher Wearly for the awesome fonts.

Fixed Tile Errors: Almost every tile placement error has been resolved.

New Tiles: New Grass and sand tiles have been added to both tile sets.  The old grass tiles just weren’t very pretty so they have been replaced. Thanks to Jasper Boerstra for the new art.

New barrel/Box breaking Visuals: We added some neat effects to barrels and boxes when you break them. Thanks to Thomas Lean for the wonderful art.

New Sprites for Bosses: Both the final and mid bosses have received major overhauls to their animations and sprites.

Portal Fixes Monster and fire ball portals now correctly show silhouettes behind occluding walls.

Many, many, more little visual fixes all over the game on many visual elements.

Audio Improvements:

New Sounds: Many sounds have been retooled and improved since the last build as well.

Once again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support. We could have never brought the game to fruition without you all and we will be forever grateful to the wonderful community of players and backers that helped us fight to make Ruin of the Reckless a reality.

That’s it for today. We are very eager to see what you guys all think of the new build. We will have further announcements about our release plans and release date before the end of the month.

Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #6

Hello all! As usual the kickstarter version of this update will be going up tomorrow morning.

This is just a very quick update to let you know what is going on. We have a much more exhaustive blog post planned for when we release the new (quite large) patch.


So the first and most important thing, Ruin of the Reckless now has a steam store and steam community page (complete with slick graphics!)

Please please take the time to check out the page! If you have some time invested in the Alpha or beta please leave a review! Leave comments, start discussions. The more activity on the page the better it bodes for our impending launch. We are starting to ramp up for release and we really need your help to spread the word!

If you do check out the steam store page you will probably notice that the release date is listed as ‘April 2017’. The exact release date will be announced very soon. This does mean we are going to miss our March release window. This is mainly due to factors outside of the game, such as graphic design for marketing materials, PR preparation, and related work that must be done before we can release which we just had not correctly budgeted our time for.


The next build of the game will include Ace Blade, our final piece of backer content!

However, by the end of this month (March, 2017) Ruin of the Reckless will be in very close to its final release state. Once we have the game in a very-near complete state, all of our backers that paid for access to the game will receive pre-release codes for Ruin of the Reckless. So if you backed us expecting to play the game in March that will still be the case!

There may be just a few small things missing from that build.  Some minor visual polish effects, character endings *may* not be ready by that point (although they probably will be) and of course in the lead-up to release we will be looking at the feedback from our backers and making adjustments accordingly.

Besides all that, I know many of you are anticipating a big patch which adds Stella and makes many fixes and improvements based on our beta backer feedback, and that is on the way.  However, we are waiting on just a few more art assets before we can push that build to steam and in the mean time I wanted you all to know what is going on from our end.


Well I don’t want to spoil too much about the new endings, but I think they are shaping up well. Thanks to Talikira for the beautiful art!

Thank you all for the love and support so far. There is no question about it, we will need your help in the coming months if we are going to make Ruin of the Reckless a success.  I hope we can count on our backers and fans to stick with us and help us make this launch as spectacular as we know it can be.

As always, Thanks a ton!

Faux-Operative Games

Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #5: Beta Build 0.4.2 released, LOCAL CO-OP HAS BEEN ADDED!

Hello every one,

This will just be a small post detailing the changes we have made in the last few days in response to backer feedback after the release of our beta backer build on Steam. (I’ll post this update to our backers tomorrow morning!)

There is a massive log of errors and changes made in response to your feedback, and that is available on our community Trello which has been accessed by many of our beta backers already. If you want to leave feedback on our community trello but do not have the ability for some reason, please let us know!   Here are some standout improvements I wanted to mention.


To test co-op by myself I had to get… creative.

Local Co-op Functionality – has been added! Stella isn’t in yet, but she is on the way.  For now, we have a second Stargrove for you to explore the tower with. And don’t forget you can change your colors with d-pad left and right on controllers, or with ‘alt’ on keyboard+mouse. Please keep in mind that Danny and I are in separate locations now and therefore unable to test co-op except by silly means like linking both controllers to one gamepad.  Please let us know what your experience is like, we did our best to make sure that it is as stable as the single player experience.  We are interested in your feedback about co-op AT ALL RESOLUTIONS so please try it out at different ones.

Memory Leak Issue Resolved – We went in and found the source of the memory leak that was causing game crashes after a few hours of play when entering the progress room. However, we were never able to reproduce the error on our systems so please let us know if you run in to it still.

Optimizations – We re-organized our texture calls to be much much more efficient, so pretty much every one should see a significant performance boost in the next build. Although this will make the game run better in general, and help our compatibility wth lower end systems, this may cause momentary hiccups as texture pages are loaded, so please let us know when those are happening for you so we can further optimize the calls.

Resolution Fixes – We noticed that players with ‘non-standard’ monitor sizes were getting some very odd behavior with their GUIs. We have fixed that issue so the game should look better on a MUCH wider range of monitors.  Additionally, we have put in a little ‘hotfix’ which will allow players with resolutions less than 1280×720 to play the game ‘for real.’  However, we did have to make some concessions to make that possible, so if you launch on such a system you will receive a warning detailing the specifics of the change.  RotR will never look ‘perfect’ on monitors below 1280×720 but we have tried our best to get it as good as it can given the limitations of that pixel density.

We made many many little tweaks – fixes, and updates to various elements based on our backer feedback/error reporting.  New visual effects for vampirism, siphoning, and mirror image. Beta level backers can check out the specific list on our community Trello to see the details of those changes. We also made some progress on our bosses but those changes will not be in 0.4.2 quite yet.

Here is a little gif showcasing some of the issues and bugs that we addressed in 0.4.2 since the launch of 0.4.1 just over five days ago. Rapid progress like this is made possible by the feedback of our backers on the community Trello so PLEASE DO NOT BE STRANGERS!


I want to take this opportunity, again, to thank our WONDERFUL backers and every one helping us test so far.  If you have been waiting for local co-op, now is your chance to help us test this game and make sure it is as good as it can be when we release late next month.

Thanks again every one,

Charles and Danny

Faux-Operative Games

Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #4 – BETA BACKER BUILD RELEASED!

Hello friends!

As promised, all backers above the $25.00 level have now received an invite to The Beta backer Build (Beta Build 0.4)

So this is a formal announcement of the beta release, and some notes about what you can expect to find.


Here’s the best part, you already have it!  The build has been pushed to Steam so if you downloaded it back during the Kickstarter then it is ready to update and play right now! Just close Steam, open it again, and your update will begin. Let us know what you think! If all goes according to plan, your old alpha build save file will be seamlessly deleted under the hood so you don’t have to do any thing but open Steam and launch the game.

However, please keep in mind that a release like this has a lot of moving pieces. There is a pretty decent chance that some horrible error or oversight will crop up. So… if something does go wrong, we really apologize, and we promise we will get it resolved ASAP!


If you backed at the appropriate level but still can’t access the game, or if you can’t find your serial number, please let us know and we will set you up!

Most of our previous updates focused on the things we have added so far, but there is a lot I never got the chance to cover. To discover all of the new items, orbs, enemies, strategies, and other additions we’ve added you’ll just need to jump in and play! (because that’s not what this post is about.)

What’s Left?


So much has changed since the last time you all had a chance to play, it is more appropriate to tell you what is missing from the game still, and what we plan to add before release.

Here are the major things we want to get added in moving forward.

‘Stella’ pixel art by the talented Rafael Francois (Twitter: @rathaelos)

Co-op Play – Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get the necessary assets finished in time to enable co-op play quite yet.  However, it is now our number one priority. This is the next feature we want to add which is why it’s at the top of this list. Pretty soon, you will be able to adventure through the game with a friend!


Mid-Boss Tweaking – Right now there is a full boss battle which occurs halfway through the tower. Although we are pretty happy with the tone and pace of the fight, and many of the elements involved, we are still waiting on some art and sound design which should make the whole thing feel a lot better. We are eager to hear your feedback on what you think of of the current iteration of this fight (if you can even get there, MWAHAHAHA) and integrate it in to the experience by improving the elements you think are the most frustrating, or fun, or important. Of course, the balance of this fight is crucial so don’t be shy with the feedback. No screenshot yet because as far as I know nobody but me or Danny has even seen this sequence yet and we want to keep it a surprise for you guys (also the art isn’t fully done yet.)


Final Boss and ending sequence – We are in the process of designing/implementing the final boss fight against our mysterious antagonist. This includes designing the final boss itself (and his environment) and creating the fight as well as fashioning an intro that is capable of handling both Stargrove and Stella, or either one of them… as well as integrating an ending sequence for the game.  This is another character we aren’t comfortable revealing the design for, since the final boss is connected to the lore of the tower and it would be a major spoiler.


Sound Design – Many of the sounds in the game still need iteration and polish.  We spent a long time looking for the right person to handle our sound and eventually settled on Wes Devore because he really impressed us with his technical know-how and skill.  We are still in the process of going through with him and updating/adding to many of the sounds in game, but if a specific asset jumps out to you as being needed or needing tweaking let us know!


Finished Chaos Card Art – You will notice that we have changed the Chaos Card art style to be much more detailed.  We wanted collecting these to feel really cool. We are going to get every card in the game looking this good thanks to the help of the very talented Rolando Ortiz (twitter: @bnmotive) Currently, however, many of the cards in game have a little ‘grey backpack’ on them instead, which simply means the art for that card is not finished yet. Soon, they will all be in game and ready to go. Which of you will be the first to collect all 34? (and yes, there will be a few more added before release as well)


Polish to some elements – We have more polished/nicer art coming for the crates (which will soon be accompanied by barrels), and we want to add some really nice special effects so that thrashing your way through the tower feels as great as we know it can.) Really, besides that though, we will be adding polish to things that we think still need it (like, for example, gravity bomb…) , and also to things that YOU still think need it, so let us know your thoughts!


Optimization – Although there are MANY optimizations included in this build when compared to the alpha, we still expect that certain systems and configurations will end up having some performance issues.  The beta is our chance to investigate the cause of such issues and resolve them, so if you are having performance issues PLEASE GET IN CONTACT WITH US! You are our front line of defense in the war against slowdown. We cannot possibly test the game on a wide enough range of systems to collect this data ourselves so please report any issues that you have.


One more enemy – One of our backers asked to see how the game/balance is stacking up in the beta backer build before they design their enemy, so we will be adding one more enemy to the game, which will likely be a lower level creature designed to make the earlier floors a bit more varied.


Bug Fixing – Although we tried our very best to eliminate as many bugs as we could, to find them all we will need your help! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any bugs you find.  All of our backers will soon receive a link to our BACKER COMMUNITY TRELLO. Trello is a really amazing group workboard where we can share and collaborate with our backers…  and where you can report bugs and leave feedback for us as well.


Pixel art by the talented Joe Rogers (twitter: @jrrogersart)

Ace Blade – There is one more backer NPC to add;Ace Blade. (Sai, the trader, is already in) Ace will be harder to find than Sai, and will offer the player direct combat assistance inside the tower once you can successfully get him on your side. In keeping with our general design philosophy though, his help is acquired DURING a run, not between runs , and if you should be defeated you will need to find him again to enlist his aid.

Pixel art by the talented Joe Rogers (twitter: @jrrogersart)

I also want to take this opportunity to extend a special thanks to Meg Ziegler and Marc Macgruder for backing us at the ‘Harbinger of the Reckless’ level and making the inclusion of these really flavorful NPCs possible! We *also* really want to thank Skye Clark, who backed us at the ‘Harbinger’ level but opted not to design a character for the game. (Skye just wanted an excuse to help the project out. Thanks Skye!)


Difficulty Tuning – A game like Ruin of the Reckless REQUIRES high difficulty to function, however, I want you all to know that this build is deliberately overtuned in that respect.  What I mean to say that it is harder then the final game will be.  This is because it is much easier for us to tone the difficulty down, then it is for us to tone the difficulty ‘up.’  So don’t be surprised if the tower feels very daunting right now, that is by design and part of the plan. However, just *how much* we tone it down is going to be in large part guided by YOU. That means we need your feedback to get the difficulty just right. This includes the balance of the various items, orbs, and abilities, so let us know if you find any thing to be ‘useless’ or ‘super overpowered.’  And… just a tip: Stomping Boots + Rapier feels pretty strong right now, and plenty of items that don’t seem that great at first glance are actually quite good if you build around them.


Credit sequence – We have had the opportunity to work with a lot of amazing people (including all of our wonderful backers), so this credit sequence will be our way of saying thanks to them! I’ll be honest, it probably isn’t going to be a super elaborate thing because we need to spend our time on actual game content for you to enjoy, but we will be making sure it looks polished and does due justice to all of our backers above the ‘special thanks’ tier as well as our collaborators on the project.


ALRIGHT! That’s every thing. As you can see, there is actually quite a bit of work to do in the time we have left, so we are going to be working around the clock.  However, with the help of our backers and contractors, if we work full bore, we still think we can have the game finished and ready to go by the end of March.

Once again I want to thank all of you for helping us out and making this project possible. We look forward to working with you all to make Ruin of the Reckless the best game it can possibly be. To stay up to date on the very latest news about Ruin of the Reckless, please don’t forget to follow us on twitter @fauxoperative

Signing off for now,
Charles Webb and Daniel Crockenberg

Faux-Operative Games




Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #3

Hello friends!  Here we are again.

The first thing I want to do is just apologize for the lack of updates recently. Danny and I both recently moved, then there were the holidays, and of course we have been working on the game constantly leaving me less time than I had hoped to update you all on our progress. These blog posts can be surprisingly time consuming to put together, and my first priority right now is making sure that Ruin of the Reckless is the best game it can possibly be. That being said, I really apologize for the long wait and i’ll do my best to make sure to update you all again before the end of the month. (Although it may not be as large a post as this one…) And fair warning, this is going to be a very long post as I fill you in on what has been going on over the last month and a quarter.

So, without further ado, let’s do that right now.

The main goal right now is to get the Beta Backer Build ready by the end of January, and to get things up to the quality level we want there is still plenty to be done.  One of the main stopping blocks recently has been the lack of pixel artists able to work over the holidays, so now that the New Year has begun we look forward to being able to push through and get the last of the unfinished art elements finalized.

If you have been following our previous updates, you’re already aware of our new spells, items, our art for those, and a lot of the other stuff we have been working on so I’ll skip over a lot of that here and just go over the things we have significant updates on since last time.

New Stuff

New Enemies – Some of these you will know of already, but this will tell you how they have developed over time.
Although we are still waiting on some of the art needed to finalize these enemies, their game logic is mostly complete, and you can expect to encounter five new enemies in the beta backer build. Note, there is another enemy coming later, which will be the final backer enemy. We are waiting to hear back from that backer in regards to what they want, and that will be the sixth and likely final enemy in the game.
The Builder – Builders are the spirits of great architects and tinkerers that died attempting to create something insanely brilliant.  In the tower, these spirits avoid Stargrove and his friends like the plague, instead opting to hide around the tower leaving traps in their wake.  Builders currently have two traps; they will run away throwing deadly mines in their way, or they will station themselves in an area and begin constructing either a fireball trap, or the new blade trap. Chasing after builders can be very dangerous, but leaving them to their own devices has its own set of hazards.
The Dino Slime – Dino slimes are ancient primordial spirits of recklessness, and in life were probably not much more than vicious beasts with a lack of self-preservation instinct.  These spirits are composed of a highly acidic slime and there is nothing they prefer to the feeling of warm items dissolving within their tummies.  Dino slimes will seek out items to consume and attempt to run away from Stargrove once they find one.  It takes a little while for Dino Slimes to fully digest an item, so if it’s something important you may want to save it by striking them down. However, striking a Dino Slime with your weapon can be very unwise, as he will immediately absorb it. Once cornered Dino Slimes will lash out, attempting to dash under their attacker as a puddle of slime and strike from below. I’m excited to see what types of strategies you guys come up with to contest them.
The Hoplite – In life, hoplites were legendary warriors that took on a task beyond even their own skill.  They have maintained their ability to channel certain simple spells, and are particularly partial to ‘Mirror Image.’  Hoplites will summon a throng of images in their likeness to travel at their side and strike alongside them with long spears.  The images will dissipate if they take any damage, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous while they’re still around. (This enemy is fully implemented using the skirmisher art, but we’re still waiting on the final design and animations.)
The Mantis – Mantis monks were highly trained meditative specialists that bet their souls they could reach Nirvana… and failed.  In the Ruin, they use their meditative prowess to lend aid to their allies. These spirits will intermittently send out a burst of energy which will grant shields to other enemies.  These shields will protect affected spirits from one damage, and players that strike the shields with their weapons will find that they are reflected backwards at high velocity.  Since the monks themselves cannot receive shields, it can be best to try to deal with the Mantis Monk first… but that is easier said than done.  Lower level enemies will also form up around Mantis Monks in an effort to protect them, and Mantis Monk Shields will even be applied to Skirmisher mirror images making the combination quite formidable indeed. Yeah, these guys can be quite dangerous, and a Golem with a Mantis shield is an intimidating sight as well, watch out!
The Gambler – Gamblers were risk takers who thought to play a game of chance with The Woman In Black.  They lost, of course, and ended up dead… but for whatever reason they don’t seem so broken up about the ordeal.  Gamblers are ringed in a circle of magical playing cards which will protect them from most attacks.  However, they care very little for their own safety, and will happily send these flying at the players as weapons.  That will leave them vulnerable, and is the best time to strike. The Gamblers spirits are personally connected with that of The Woman In Black, essentially meaning that they are at her beck and call at all times.
New Boss Encounter
There is now a full boss encounter which occurs on floor 10 of the tower, complete with badass music.  I don’t want to say much more than that yet, as I really want this sequence to feel like a reward even for our more dedicated fans, but I hope those of you who are able to get up there find it interesting. By the way, speaking of new music…
New Music
We have licensed new music for the game from our favorite chiptune artists.  There are new tracks from Protodome in the tutorial, shop, and boss area as well as a few more tracks from Slime Girls added as well.  We also have contracted Slime Girls to craft us some original theme music for the game which we are super excited about. I am also particularly excited about the Protodome boss music which I think you guys are really going to dig.
I don’t want to spoil all of it , but check out our new shop music here.
I am really hoping that we can have co-op mode enabled in the build backers receive later this month.  However, because we are still waiting on some of the art for Stella, it may not be possible. If it’s not ready in time, we will do our best to make sure it is added to the beta backer build as soon as possible after you all receive it since we really want to start testing the co-op features as a part of the full game experience.
New Tutorial
The game now features a new sequence wherein Pauliver the penguin will teach you how to play.  The sequence is, of course, completely optional, but will teach you every thing you need to know to get started before the big show.
New Pause Menu
Over the last few days I have spent upwards of forty hours working on our new pause menu.  Now I know a pause menu isn’t generally considered to be a super exciting thing, but there are some really cool new features here I think you will all appreciate. I spent a lot of time polishing up this pause menu and making the transitions look nice and the behavior of the system and options extremely intuitive on either a controller or a keyboard. Also, the pause menu uses a new font, a new graphical style, has a new overlay, that we think looks pretty nice. It also has color coded text to call certain important details to your attention. The menu is fully responsive and more or less complete down to the sounds made when selecting different options. There are also some new settings you couldn’t change before.
1) Resolution/Windowed Mode – You can now alter the resolution of the game on the fly.  The system will warn you if you choose a resolution that will cause pixel scaling errors.  Note that we have it set up so that the native resolution of the game actually changes when you alter this setting.  This means that players playing at 1920×1080, for example, will have a larger ‘game world’ viewing area than those playing at 1280×720. In our testing, co-op is certainly better suited to the higher resolutions for this reason.  This also means that even at resolutions that cause pixel distortion, it will still only be restricted to a few sub-screens and areas.
2) Screenshake – The people asked for it and now you can now adjust your screenshake factor. The menu even shakes when you change the setting, fun!
3) Full controller config – You can now assign either keyboard and mouse, gamepad 1, or gamepad 2 to either player one or player two. You can do this on the fly within a session, and the control config and HUD elements will update accordingly, you can also fully configure your keyboard controls including the mouse buttons. The new system will also prevent you from setting any two functions to the same button, preventing a source of confusion for some players.
4) Quick Restart / Quick Warp.  From the base menu of the pause menu you can now warp to the shop, to the lobby, or to floor 1.  We think this will make your experience a lot more convenient.  Just bear in mind you generally cannot warp to an area you have never been to before.
New Tiles
We have added a new tileset to the upper floors of the tower. This is a ‘sandy area’ with slightly different architecture.  Overall, this tile set still needs a bit of polish and iteration, but we want to have it inside this build so we can collect feedback from our backers on what they like and dislike about it. Sorry no screenshot for this one yet.
New Sounds
We have been working with a new sound designer to replace / redesign/ and remix many of the sounds currently in game, this represents a pretty big overhaul to the sounds that were in the game before so I’m excited to see how you guys like all those. I have also been working on modifying all of the sounds to play at a baseline lower level.  I found that, especially after hearing them many many times, some of the sounds simply became too abrasive so we’ve been addressing that as we playtest. This does mean the mixing on some of the sounds may be off now, so we hope you’ll help us find the offenders and get rid of them.
New Story Elements
Both Reginald and Pauliver have greatly expanded dialogue which changes over time, the Whisperer of Secrets is now in game and you can speak with him.  There is now a more fully fleshed out intro sequence featuring Stargrove and the Whisperer Of Secrets. This also ties in to the transitions to the first floor of the tower, which have been updated and altered as well.
Other Stuff
In addition to all of that stuff, we have been fixing back-end errors in the system and polishing up every element we can.  The new spells and items all need playtesting and iteration, sound design, balance.  The tile placement algorithms have been improved significantly. We have fixed the rather pesky glitch which caused shadows to be drawn when actors were behind walls in certain situations, I have added a cool transition effect between areas which should make the whole play experience a lot more seamless.  We’ve addressed hitboxes, re-designed one of our previous enemies, fixed errors related to textboxes and a LOT more. Um yeah, there’s a lot of stuff, enough that would be hard for me to even go over it all.  Here’s a little GIF of our sourcetree records since the beginning of December to give you an idea of how many changes have been pushed recently.

Alright, honestly i’m sure that there is plenty of stuff I forgot to mention (like new orb icons, new orb abilities, or the new cards we’ve added… ^^, ) but that is all I got for now.  As always, we are interested to field any questions from our backers or really, any one else as well. Drop us a line at twitter @FauxOperative, directly email us at or really just whatever else you’d like to try.  We will be there.

FINAL NOTICE – Backerkit shipping details will be finalized on 12-13-2016

Hey every one,

Today will be just a very quick update to notify you all that we are beginning to ship out the first round of backer rewards now.  Shipping addresses will be LOCKED IN at 12:30 PM on Tuesday, 12-13-2016.

After that point, you will not be able to change your shipping addresses.

We expect that many backers will be receiving their Skullslime plushies before Christmas.
Ratcoons may take a bit longer, and the art prints will arrive at a later date as well.

Happy holidays every one!

Faux-Operative Games

Ruin of the Reckless backerkit FINAL NOTICE – deadline is THIS FRIDAY 12-16

Hello friends, today is just a very short announcement about backerkit!

Ruin Plush (2 of 4)

“It’s time” says Frank the Skullslime

I have been in talks with our plushie artists, and the Skullslimes are almost done! We want to get these out to all of you guys BEFORE Christmas! Yay! Ratcoons may take a bit longer, but we have to close backerkit all at once so there’s not much we can do about that!

What that means though, is that we need to finalize our backerkit details by this weekend so we can start packing and shipping these in the coming weeks.


“Stop procrastinating” Says Rigsby the Ratcoon

So this is your FINAL NOTICE. It’s looking like Backerkit needs to be signed off on by THIS FRIDAY 12-16! Please check your emails and log in to backerkit to confirm your orders! If you can’t find your email, use this recovery address:

And as always, if you really do not want to use backerkit for some reason please contact us at and can help you out manually, just be aware that it may cause delays in shipment for you.

If you miss the deadline we are going to have to handle your order manually and that is going to take a LOT longer.  So please log in, let us know your details, and let’s get this show on the road!


Thanks again and Happy Holidays from Faux-Operative Games!



Happy Thanksgiving from Faux-Operative Games!

Hello friends,

We’re gearing up for the holidays here and as all of you Americans know tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Traditionally this is a day where we express our gratitude for all of the luck and love we’ve enjoyed.

Today Faux-Operative Games wants to thank all of our fabulous backers for making Ruin of the Reckless possible.  You believed in us and supported us first and we will not forget that!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to commission all of this beautiful art!

Important: IF YOU ARE A BACKER AND HAVE NOT FILLED OUT YOUR BACKERKIT SURVEY PLEASE HEAD TO BACKERKIT AND FILL IT OUT! If you don’t we won’t be able to send you your awesome kickstarter Swag. And as always, backerkit is totally optional so if you don’t want to use it for some reason just email us at

Here are some previews for some upcoming content for our Beta Backer Build:


Well I know we said we weren’t putting builders in, but we just couldn’t resist.  Expect these fellows to vex you when you return to the Ruins early 2017. Art by Rafael Francois (@Rathaelos)

weaponsandconsumablesCustom pickup icons for new and old items alike.  Never again wonder what item or potion you have equipped! Art by Miguel Sternberg of Spooky Squid Games, this guy is GOOD. (@spookysquid)


Some very early mockups of our second playable character, ‘Stella.’  Stella is the brainchild of our #1 backer Ishkandar from Malaysia.  She is a reckless wanderer just like Stargrove. Her cyborg spirit was cursed to the ruin for daring to commit the ultimate reckless action in her world… loving the wrong person.  Stargrove and Stella should make for an intimidating team if they can learn to get along, but they probably won’t be falling in love any time soon.


That’s it for today, we have to get ready for the holidays ourselves, but there is a lot more stuff we are feverishly working on and a lot we’ve already done that we haven’t showed you quite yet.  Stay updated on our day to day by following us on twitter @FauxOperative or keep updated by subscribing to our mailing list!

Thanks again to all of our wonderful artists and backers for making this all possible.  For all of you Americans out there, and any one else celebrating, HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  See you on the other side!



Ruin of the Reckless – Backer Update #2

Hello again friends!

It has been a little while since our last update and I wanted to keep you all up to speed on what has been going on over here. My original plan was to post this on 11/8/2016, but once I realized that we were competing with the recent election, I decided to wait a few days first. Also, check the tail end of this update to find out who won all of our contests!

Backerkit stuff – If you already filled yours out, just skip this next paragraph.

Just a friendly reminder, BACKERKIT SURVEYS NEED TO BE FILLED OUT.  Almost 90% of our backers have filled out their surveys but there are still some stragglers out there.  If you haven’t filled yours out yet, please do so ASAP so we can make sure you get your rewards at the earliest opportunity.  If you don’t want to use Backerkit for some reason, please email us at Soon we will be announcing a final cut-off date to fill out your surveys and we don’t want any body to miss the train!ckcdqbys

Long term fans may recognize those cards… The ‘Gambler’ certainly knows what they’re for. Spectracide. Art by Cayiika.

Although we have been unable to actively communicate over the last few weeks, work has continued and we are making steady progress to our goal.  Ruin of the Reckless is improving every day.

We aren’t quite ready to go in to detail about our new enemies, but I wanted to give you a small preview of some of the stuff coming through on that end as well so I have included a few pictures to whet your appetite.

Time Tables

We are on track to release our beta backer build in January and for our full release in March of 2017! We have some exciting announcements about crossover content and the future of FOG in the pipeline as well. Stay tuned!

We are fully on budget. So right now it looks like a clear shot to the finish line and we couldn’t be more excited.


Dino Slimes are very much unlike skull slimes.  They do not bounce, and they are always hungry… for items Art by Hoops Doggit


The current build of the game, compared with the alpha build many of you have played already has many many new additions… Our first backer update outlined what some of those are, but here are some changes to the game that we are working on and polishing right now!


New Orbs

Power Attack. This orb increases knockback on weapon attacks and also grants certain special effects to knockback as it levels up.

Auxiliary Attack. This orb causes the player character to attack using extra weapons whenever he strikes.  Particularly powerful when using fast weapons.

Orb Eater. This orb turns every future orb you absorb in to a mini grab-bag. Best collected early in the game so you can trigger it as many times as possible.

Alchemy. Increases the effectiveness of all consumables, including potions and scrolls.

Explosive Feedback. This orb is a replacement for explosive belt, it causes a spectacular explosion whenever the player takes damage. Upgrade it repeatedly to get like… cray damage.

Lightning Rod. This orb causes the player to passively spawn lightning bolts which target nearby enemies.  The more you stack Lightning rod, the more often the effect will trigger.  I will freely admit that we got the idea from Wizard of Legend developed by Contingent99, these guys had a wildly successful Kickstarter and really kick butt. Kudos to them and their success.

Replenishment. Consume this orb to be instantly healed to full health and recharge your equipped spell book.  This has no long term benefit whatsoever and DOES take up an orb slot… but desperate times call for desperate measures!

New Offhand Orb – Money Shot. Are you collecting TOO much Zenny?  Fling your hard earned cash at enemies for massive damage. Whoops, now you just threw all of your money in the garbage! To support your reckless new habit… Perhaps you should stockpile some abilities and items that help line your coffers with extra coin.

New Offhand Orb – Corpse Explosion. Inspired by Diablos necromancer spell, and of course by Melty’s special ability from Nuclear Throne, corpse explosion consumes all nearby dead bodies in a firey explosion that damages enemies.  Upgrade to get better explosions.


Co-op Mode. 

I know people are really, really excited about co-op mode.  Danny and I haven’t touched the functionality for quite a while as we have been working on other things.  The other day I suggested that we should boot up co-op mode and run it through its paces to make sure we were on track for that, and that we hadn’t introduced any new problems with all of our tinkering.  I was very happy to see that co-op mode is still working perfectly despite all the changes we made to the game.  The only issue on this front is that 1280×720 is not really a big enough play field to support two players zipping around the way you are all accustomed to.  For this reason, we may be forced to restrict co-op play to resolutions and monitors above 1920×1080.  I know that might be pretty controversial, and we’ll be looking in to other solutions in the future which aren’t so drastic.  I just don’t want any one to be surprised if that’s ends up being the case.

Arc pets and fire pets now have totally unique (and adorable) animation frames.



Just a ‘bit’ cooler than dodecahedrons, don’t you think? Art by Hoops doggit

Explosive belt has been removed, and replaced with a new orb ability that has a similar effect.  We felt that explosive belt was underwhelming compared to other trinkets, and also would be a lot more interesting as an orb ability that could support fun upgrades as it leveled up.

Grab-Bag has been completely reworked. Many, many, many people just kind of assumed that when you consume a grab-bag Orb that it would have a random effect, so now it does!  Grab bag now has four beneficial effects it can trigger and when collected two of them will occur.  This more closely fits with player expectations and makes the orb a lot more fun and interesting to play with than it was before. Gamble your life away on grab-bag orbs, you might get ‘exactly’ the thing you need…

New Trinket – Alchemists Belt. Grants extra consumables on level up.  This is part of a new suite of abilities/items that will allow players to go ‘heavy consumable’ the same way that they can go ‘heavy spellcaster’ or ‘heavy melee specialist’, or any number of other weird builds that are now possible.

New Consumable – Potion of the Jackal. This STUPID potion deals a point of damage to you every time you drink one.  It’s pointless really! Unless… hmm…

New spells – a ton. We have quite a few new spells that we will be able to show off in a future update…

New Scrolls – Every spell in the game now has a consumable scroll counterpart that instantly launches a fully charged version of the spell.  (think of the old fire potion for an example.)  And yes, the ‘fire potion’ is now a ‘fire scroll.’  We believe in consistency!

What’s Next


This one is actually a redesign of an older enemy… can you guess which one? Art by Corey Miller.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for future updates highlighting exciting new deals we’re working on, and more information on the spells and monsters that we are adding right now!


Contest Winners

During the Kickstarter we ran multiple contests for our streamers and players.  As promised, we are going to announce the final list of all contest winners.  We are administrating all of this ourselves manually, so if you think we made a mistake please let us know ASAP so we can make sure you get taken care of.

Tower Champions – Those of you that participated in the alpha had the chance to become tower champions by being one of the first two people to EVER scale the Ruin of the Reckless.  Tower champions will each receive a skullslime, an art print, and will have a character backstory of their choice integrated in to one of the legends told by the Whisperer of Secrets! Yay.



Tower Legends – (If you won one of our other prizes you will not be included in this list, but you’re still a tower legend, don’t worry. ) Any streamer that reached the final floor of our alpha build during the initial phase of the Kickstarter alpha is now a tower legend. Tower legends will receive an art print and be integrated in to one of the legends told by the whisperer of secrets. You will each also receive giveaway keys for the beta backer build to share with your friends when the time comes.



Longest Stream – TieTuesday – We want to extend a sincere thanks to TieTuesday for conducting the longest stream of Ruin of the Reckless during our Kickstarter alpha and for helping us reach a ton of people. There’s a good chance that Ruin of the Reckless would never have happened without Tie’s help.  For that reason, Tie will be receiving a Kickstarter Skullslime, Kickstarter Ratcoon, and a personalized art print.  Thank you again for helping us shatter our initial goal in the first week!

Speedrunning Prize #1 – WhiteLlamaPooPoo

Another friend to us that threw his support behind us here at Faux-Operative Games.  WhiteLlamaPooPoo managed to (at the time) post the fastest ever time for Ruin of the Reckless.  By doing so he earned himself a Skullslime plushie and enshrined himself as a legend of the tower.

Speedrunning Prize # 2 – RaneOfSotN

This guy posted one of the most incredible speed runs I have ever seen.  There is a decent chance it will never be beaten since the tower will be bigger the next time you all see it.  It was a very impressive run, and for completing the RotR Kickstarter Alpha faster than any one else did ever… he will be receiving a Skullslime plushie and a signed art print.

Consolation Prizes


For being the first streamer to play our game live, and to say thank you for the intense support and friendship extended to us by Absnerdity, and for collecting almost every single contest prize that we offered… only to be shortly dethroned by someone else at every turn, we have decided to offer Absnerdity a Kickstarter Skullslime, Kickstarter Ratcoon, and a personalized signed art print as well. Thank you Absnerdity!


For being one of our earliest champions, putting almost 100 hours in to the alpha, being a stand-up guy, a Tower Champion (earning himself a Skullslime any way) and being one of our most experienced, effective, and best players. And finally, just to say, thank you for his incredible support during our Kickstarter, he will also be receiving a kickstarter Ratcoon in addition to the other prizes he earned. Thanks GamesWeStream!

Rumrusher and Robomythos

Rumrusher and Robomythos, two viewers from Tietuesday’s stream, pumped out a ton of awesome fan art featuring Stargrove, The Gauntlet, Skullslimes, Ratcoons, and more.  We wanted to say thank you to these two for helping us spread the word and build hype.  They will each also be receiving a Skullslime plushie.  Here’s just a few of our favorite pieces.

b2a158ba56f059c5a3d2b642eb2617a8 07052c940aee3fc8798c509a5dbdeaff


That’s it for now! Thanks again every one.

Charles and Danny.









Ruin of the Reckless – Backer Update #1

Hello friends!

It has been a little while since we last checked in with you so I wanted to give you all a heads up about what’s going with Faux-Operative Games right now. First, a little reminder: BACKERKIT SURVEYS WERE ALREADY SENT OUT! 

We need the information on those surveys to make sure that you get the rewards that you paid for, so please let us know. I have gone ahead and re-sent those surveys as well for those of you that haven’t gotten around to it yet so just check your e-mails and please get back to us when you can so we can make sure you are taken care of. Remember those are optional so if you can’t, or won’t use Backerkit for some reason email us at fauxoperativegames [a] gmail

New Content

There has been quite a lot to do over here at Faux-Operative Games.  We have been improving our build of the game, experimenting with some fixes for resolution scaling on different displays (like a native 1920×1080 mode) among other things and preparing the game to accept new content.

1920x1080This is what native 1920×1080 looks like.

We’ve also spent a lot of our time talking to new sound designers and artists, looking for the perfect people to help us get all of this done.  We are trying to commission as much of the art as possible now so that we have a huge backlog of stuff to work on in the coming weeks and months.

Here are a few things we are currently in the planning/design stages for:

  1. New enemy – Gamblers.  I can’t tell you too much about these guys but we have been planning them for a long time and I am excited to have art to show you for all of this in the coming weeks.
  2. Art design – unique boots pickup graphics.  Although all of our new boots are designed and implemented, we are waiting on one of our pixel artists to finish up designs for them.  Once that is done, all of the boots in the game will have unique art, making them the first item category to have that honor. Yay!
  3. A lot of work on our first boss battle, which currently occurs on floor 13.  I don’t want to spoil what we have for this quite yet.  I really want the first person to get up there to be completely shocked and horrified, so we’re struggling with the question of how much of this battle to reveal right now. Let us know your thoughts!
  4. New Boot Types Added: Sliding Boots, Teleportation Boots, Boots of Fire, Boots of ice, lightning boots, stomping boots, super-fast boots, sextuple boots, bull rush boots,mages boots.  Wow that’s a lot of boots! Some of these still need some polish and visual work done but all are fully working, functional, and fun!
  5. New Trinkets – Invincibility Pin, Blood Orb, Diamond Orb, Broken Orb, Flag of friendship, Pet Armor, blinking stone, and more!
  6. Multiple new weapons added: Dagger, Spear, Rapier, and Scythe.  Check out these hip, happening GIFs (you kids like the GIFs right?)!

    daggerThe dagger is extremely fast and precise.

    scytheThe Scythe has a wide arc but does not hit directly next to you.

    spearThe spear has a long straight hitbox that does not hit directly next to the player.


    The Rapier affects your momentum, combine with dashes to reach unheard of speeds

  7. There’s a lot of other stuff in the pipeline already, new enemy designs, a death animation for Stargrove, designs for our new playable character, animations for our NPCs, etc… a LOT, but we will have more on all of that for you guys in a future update.

New Fixes

We’ve also been squashing bugs, editing the build.  Here’s a list of some changes that are currently made in our developer build.

  • Trinkets and belts are now the same slot.  All ‘belts’ now have different names.  Like ‘Magic Mirror’ instead of ‘reflective belt.’ A lot of players were really confused by the distinction between these two item slots. To be honest, it wasn’t entirely clear even to US why some things were belts and others were trinkets. This also means that we can now display your trinket type in the top left along with the rest of your equipment which means we no longer need to have our wonky placeholder inventory screen. Yay!
  • Reduced the size of ‘top walls’ so that less of the play area is obscured by walls. We thought the top walls were too big so we shrunk them.
  • Shadows no longer show for characters/objects that get too close to the top of walls that are below them when behind silhouettes (that was a mouth full)
  • Music now gets faster when the floor is about to become unstable. Someone requested this, I thought it was smart, now it’s in.
  • Experience Potions now give more experience the higher you are in the tower. Maybe you want to hold on to those for a floor or two before you drink them now. As many of you know, we hate ‘non-decisions’ and before there was no decision at all when you found an experience potion, just drink it and move on.  Now there is an incentive to hold on to these for a little while after you find them.  We don’t mind experience potions being a fun to find bonus, we just want you to have to think at least a bit about how best to use them along the way.

pauliveridlePauliver is the first NPC to get an idle animation. Somehow… he looks even sadder now.

Crazy idea

So there is another thing that has been percolating, which is not yet implemented but which we think might be really neat.  What if weapons had a set durability?  Players would receive warning when their weapon was medium or close to breaking and when it does you get reverted to… THE DAGGER.  We are thinking that such a system would encourage players to use many different weapons and switch often, rather than finding one that they like and sticking with it all game. It would also allow us to create several new trinkets and orbs which interact with the system. What do you guys think?  Sound interesting / fun?

wfzjdalUnique pickup sprites for boots are now implemented.  Can you guess which one this is?

Important news!

Alright guys, so there is also something pretty important that I need to let you know.  We are going to be taking a little break from working on the game starting around the 12-13th and lasting no more than two weeks.  Don’t worry, this was always part of the plan.  I wish I could tell you guys more, but all I can really do here is assure you that it would not be possible for us to finish the game according to our vision without doing this, and that we are not going on a vacation if that’s what you’re thinking. :p
So don’t be surprised if we are less communicative over the next two weeks while we are away. We may not really be on twitter very much at all, and there will probably be no blog-posts, kickstarter updates, or content updates during that time. Don’t worry, we did not forget about you and we’ll be sure to let you know when we are back at HQ again.

During that time, we will have several talented pixel artists working on the game so when we return there should be a raft of shiny pixel art for us to begin integrating in to the game.

Contest Winners

Don’t worry contest winners! We haven’t forgotten about you all. We DO know who you are and we ARE getting your plushies and art prints made up and ready for you.  I want to do a full blog post highlighting the winners and prizes later, but this one is getting a bit too long and i don’t just want to throw you all in at the end here as an after thought so expect a full ‘contest winner’ announcement in the next month or so.

Thank you all again SO much for backing Ruin of the Reckless and making this game real.  We are on the way!

Charles and Danny