Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #5: Beta Build 0.4.2 released, LOCAL CO-OP HAS BEEN ADDED!

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Hello every one,

This will just be a small post detailing the changes we have made in the last few days in response to backer feedback after the release of our beta backer build on Steam. (I’ll post this update to our backers tomorrow morning!)

There is a massive log of errors and changes made in response to your feedback, and that is available on our community Trello which has been accessed by many of our beta backers already. If you want to leave feedback on our community trello but do not have the ability for some reason, please let us know!   Here are some standout improvements I wanted to mention.


To test co-op by myself I had to get… creative.

Local Co-op Functionality – has been added! Stella isn’t in yet, but she is on the way.  For now, we have a second Stargrove for you to explore the tower with. And don’t forget you can change your colors with d-pad left and right on controllers, or with ‘alt’ on keyboard+mouse. Please keep in mind that Danny and I are in separate locations now and therefore unable to test co-op except by silly means like linking both controllers to one gamepad.  Please let us know what your experience is like, we did our best to make sure that it is as stable as the single player experience.  We are interested in your feedback about co-op AT ALL RESOLUTIONS so please try it out at different ones.

Memory Leak Issue Resolved – We went in and found the source of the memory leak that was causing game crashes after a few hours of play when entering the progress room. However, we were never able to reproduce the error on our systems so please let us know if you run in to it still.

Optimizations – We re-organized our texture calls to be much much more efficient, so pretty much every one should see a significant performance boost in the next build. Although this will make the game run better in general, and help our compatibility wth lower end systems, this may cause momentary hiccups as texture pages are loaded, so please let us know when those are happening for you so we can further optimize the calls.

Resolution Fixes – We noticed that players with ‘non-standard’ monitor sizes were getting some very odd behavior with their GUIs. We have fixed that issue so the game should look better on a MUCH wider range of monitors.  Additionally, we have put in a little ‘hotfix’ which will allow players with resolutions less than 1280×720 to play the game ‘for real.’  However, we did have to make some concessions to make that possible, so if you launch on such a system you will receive a warning detailing the specifics of the change.  RotR will never look ‘perfect’ on monitors below 1280×720 but we have tried our best to get it as good as it can given the limitations of that pixel density.

We made many many little tweaks – fixes, and updates to various elements based on our backer feedback/error reporting.  New visual effects for vampirism, siphoning, and mirror image. Beta level backers can check out the specific list on our community Trello to see the details of those changes. We also made some progress on our bosses but those changes will not be in 0.4.2 quite yet.

Here is a little gif showcasing some of the issues and bugs that we addressed in 0.4.2 since the launch of 0.4.1 just over five days ago. Rapid progress like this is made possible by the feedback of our backers on the community Trello so PLEASE DO NOT BE STRANGERS!


I want to take this opportunity, again, to thank our WONDERFUL backers and every one helping us test so far.  If you have been waiting for local co-op, now is your chance to help us test this game and make sure it is as good as it can be when we release late next month.

Thanks again every one,

Charles and Danny

Faux-Operative Games

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