New update / Mini-Expansion just released.

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to let you all know that we have just released a new mini-expansion for Ruin of the Reckless. This update has already been pushed to steam and it will be arriving to GOG and other platforms within the next few days.

Here’s what we added this time:

  • There are three new ‘hero’ type monsters. These are more powerful golden versions of some of the early game monsters, to add a bit more variety to the early game.
  • Skullslimes have been studying, and have learned how to retreat! This has granted them the ability to attack Stargrove while he’s standing perfectly still, and thanks to their new ‘Advanced Skullslime Targeting System™’ they just might hit him too! Beware the might of the Skullslime, bolstered by their new golden cousins… they align against you.


  • Two new Chaos cards have been added, both dealing with the new hero monsters.
  • Various fixes and optimizations across the code. Various graphical and visual fixes across the code.
  • Tweaks to difficulty and spawning across the entire game (in general, floors have become more consistent in challenge across playthroughts and a bit easier – and the variety of enemy types has been increased just a bit as well.)

This update is a small gift for our fans that have supported us so far! I know this update isn’t as big as it could be, and we’d really like to follow up with more. If this mini-expansion is well received, there’s a very good chance we will jump in and make a few more additions that we have been eying since release. There are quite a few things we’ve really wanted to do for a while…

  1. Add Steam Achievements
  2. Give Pauliver a bit more to do.
  3. Add a system that lets you quit runs between floors.
  4. Special challenge rooms.
  5. More hero enemies.
  6. More Cards
  7. More equipment, spells, and orbs…

We’re really hoping that we get a chance to add all of these features to the game too!

I really hope you all will enjoy these changes. As always, please send all feedback to our discord, located here:

Additionally, we have an event going on with today only. Go to for an opportunity to pick up RotR for just $7.50 with the collectors art edition pack, our LOWEST PRICE EVER!

Thanks again for your support everyone.


Until next time!

Charles Webb

Faux-Operative Games


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