Ruin of the Reckless


Ruin of the Reckless is a high resolution retro styled action rogue-like  where risky play is greatly rewarded and taking your time is rarely an option. Upgrade your spirit with an innovative horizontal progression system where every upgrade and monster remains relevant throughout the entire game. Smash through giant hordes of enemies at truly breakneck speed, and unleash devastating screen-clearing spells that obliterate opposition.

Take on the role of a lost spirit trapped inside a purgatory for those that died in foolhardy and reckless ways.  Explore the procedurally generated Ruin, discover its secret purpose, and if you can reach the top, have your wish granted.

Fact Sheet

Release Date: Late March 2017


Platform: Windows PC

Price: TBD

Distribution: Steam



  • Randomly generated rogue-like challenges that change with every attempt.
  • Horizontal ‘zelda style’ progression system
  • Innovative level up system where gaining the specific abilities you want is integrated in to the game play as part of the challenge.
  • A mysterious story centered around the purpose and origin of the ruins and the spirits trapped there.
  • A dangerous, thoughtful, action-packed world filled with weapons, traps, secrets, powerful artifiacts and fearsome enemies.
  • Use powerful Chaos Cards to alter the rules of the game and the method by which the tower is generated
  • Co-operative play for up to two players where each player takes control of a full-fledged and not a ‘sidekick.’


Ruin of the Reckless began development two and a half years ago as an elaborate dream of friends and game designers Charles Webb and Daniel Crockenberg. The idea was simple, a co-op roguelike that was faster paced, more dangerous than others, with a horizontal ‘zelda style’ progression system and one where BOTH players could play as full-blown characters instead of one being a sidekick.

As the game developed and community reactions began pouring in, Charles and Daniel realized that they had hit a nerve with fans and decided to form Faux-Operative games and begin working full time on the project.  Since then Ruin of the Reckless has launched a successful Steam Greenlight Campaign and then a Kickstarter which raised over $17,000 dollars.  Development continues and Ruin of the Reckless is planned for release in March of 2017, shortly after the release of the Kickstarters promised Backer Beta Build late in January 2017.



Faux Operative games was founded by friends Daniel Crockenberg and Charles Webb in 2015 for the purpose of making intense, fair, and uncompromising co-op mutliplayer games. Taking manic brawlers like Samurai Gunn and co-op dungeon crawlers like Nuclear Throne as inspiration, we are currently working on Ruin of the Reckless, a twin stick ‘fighter’ roguelike.


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Twitter: @FauxOperative




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