Ruin of the Reckless – Backer Update #1

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Hello friends!

It has been a little while since we last checked in with you so I wanted to give you all a heads up about what’s going with Faux-Operative Games right now. First, a little reminder: BACKERKIT SURVEYS WERE ALREADY SENT OUT! 

We need the information on those surveys to make sure that you get the rewards that you paid for, so please let us know. I have gone ahead and re-sent those surveys as well for those of you that haven’t gotten around to it yet so just check your e-mails and please get back to us when you can so we can make sure you are taken care of. Remember those are optional so if you can’t, or won’t use Backerkit for some reason email us at fauxoperativegames [a] gmail

New Content

There has been quite a lot to do over here at Faux-Operative Games.  We have been improving our build of the game, experimenting with some fixes for resolution scaling on different displays (like a native 1920×1080 mode) among other things and preparing the game to accept new content.

1920x1080This is what native 1920×1080 looks like.

We’ve also spent a lot of our time talking to new sound designers and artists, looking for the perfect people to help us get all of this done.  We are trying to commission as much of the art as possible now so that we have a huge backlog of stuff to work on in the coming weeks and months.

Here are a few things we are currently in the planning/design stages for:

  1. New enemy – Gamblers.  I can’t tell you too much about these guys but we have been planning them for a long time and I am excited to have art to show you for all of this in the coming weeks.
  2. Art design – unique boots pickup graphics.  Although all of our new boots are designed and implemented, we are waiting on one of our pixel artists to finish up designs for them.  Once that is done, all of the boots in the game will have unique art, making them the first item category to have that honor. Yay!
  3. A lot of work on our first boss battle, which currently occurs on floor 13.  I don’t want to spoil what we have for this quite yet.  I really want the first person to get up there to be completely shocked and horrified, so we’re struggling with the question of how much of this battle to reveal right now. Let us know your thoughts!
  4. New Boot Types Added: Sliding Boots, Teleportation Boots, Boots of Fire, Boots of ice, lightning boots, stomping boots, super-fast boots, sextuple boots, bull rush boots,mages boots.  Wow that’s a lot of boots! Some of these still need some polish and visual work done but all are fully working, functional, and fun!
  5. New Trinkets – Invincibility Pin, Blood Orb, Diamond Orb, Broken Orb, Flag of friendship, Pet Armor, blinking stone, and more!
  6. Multiple new weapons added: Dagger, Spear, Rapier, and Scythe.  Check out these hip, happening GIFs (you kids like the GIFs right?)!

    daggerThe dagger is extremely fast and precise.

    scytheThe Scythe has a wide arc but does not hit directly next to you.

    spearThe spear has a long straight hitbox that does not hit directly next to the player.


    The Rapier affects your momentum, combine with dashes to reach unheard of speeds

  7. There’s a lot of other stuff in the pipeline already, new enemy designs, a death animation for Stargrove, designs for our new playable character, animations for our NPCs, etc… a LOT, but we will have more on all of that for you guys in a future update.

New Fixes

We’ve also been squashing bugs, editing the build.  Here’s a list of some changes that are currently made in our developer build.

  • Trinkets and belts are now the same slot.  All ‘belts’ now have different names.  Like ‘Magic Mirror’ instead of ‘reflective belt.’ A lot of players were really confused by the distinction between these two item slots. To be honest, it wasn’t entirely clear even to US why some things were belts and others were trinkets. This also means that we can now display your trinket type in the top left along with the rest of your equipment which means we no longer need to have our wonky placeholder inventory screen. Yay!
  • Reduced the size of ‘top walls’ so that less of the play area is obscured by walls. We thought the top walls were too big so we shrunk them.
  • Shadows no longer show for characters/objects that get too close to the top of walls that are below them when behind silhouettes (that was a mouth full)
  • Music now gets faster when the floor is about to become unstable. Someone requested this, I thought it was smart, now it’s in.
  • Experience Potions now give more experience the higher you are in the tower. Maybe you want to hold on to those for a floor or two before you drink them now. As many of you know, we hate ‘non-decisions’ and before there was no decision at all when you found an experience potion, just drink it and move on.  Now there is an incentive to hold on to these for a little while after you find them.  We don’t mind experience potions being a fun to find bonus, we just want you to have to think at least a bit about how best to use them along the way.

pauliveridlePauliver is the first NPC to get an idle animation. Somehow… he looks even sadder now.

Crazy idea

So there is another thing that has been percolating, which is not yet implemented but which we think might be really neat.  What if weapons had a set durability?  Players would receive warning when their weapon was medium or close to breaking and when it does you get reverted to… THE DAGGER.  We are thinking that such a system would encourage players to use many different weapons and switch often, rather than finding one that they like and sticking with it all game. It would also allow us to create several new trinkets and orbs which interact with the system. What do you guys think?  Sound interesting / fun?

wfzjdalUnique pickup sprites for boots are now implemented.  Can you guess which one this is?

Important news!

Alright guys, so there is also something pretty important that I need to let you know.  We are going to be taking a little break from working on the game starting around the 12-13th and lasting no more than two weeks.  Don’t worry, this was always part of the plan.  I wish I could tell you guys more, but all I can really do here is assure you that it would not be possible for us to finish the game according to our vision without doing this, and that we are not going on a vacation if that’s what you’re thinking. :p
So don’t be surprised if we are less communicative over the next two weeks while we are away. We may not really be on twitter very much at all, and there will probably be no blog-posts, kickstarter updates, or content updates during that time. Don’t worry, we did not forget about you and we’ll be sure to let you know when we are back at HQ again.

During that time, we will have several talented pixel artists working on the game so when we return there should be a raft of shiny pixel art for us to begin integrating in to the game.

Contest Winners

Don’t worry contest winners! We haven’t forgotten about you all. We DO know who you are and we ARE getting your plushies and art prints made up and ready for you.  I want to do a full blog post highlighting the winners and prizes later, but this one is getting a bit too long and i don’t just want to throw you all in at the end here as an after thought so expect a full ‘contest winner’ announcement in the next month or so.

Thank you all again SO much for backing Ruin of the Reckless and making this game real.  We are on the way!

Charles and Danny


2 thoughts on “Ruin of the Reckless – Backer Update #1

  1. Glad to see rapiers come back. The momentum on attacking was one of my favorite parts of the ‘before times’. I think the beta players will really like it.

    1. If you combine rapier with Sliding boots you will end up with the old ‘dragon edge’ style momentum system :) Except you don’t bounce off of enemies. Also, we want to have a way to make your offhand a dual wield slot as well, so that will be almost exactly like dragon edge used to be. :)

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