Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #11 – Release approaches! Reviews are coming in, merch has been sent out! It’s HAPPENING!

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Hello again every one!

This will likely be one of the last Backer updates before our impending Release: April 26th to Steam,, The Humble Store

I just wanted to update every one on… well, every thing, and let you know what has happened in the last few weeks.

Backer / Customer Satisfaction Survey

I’ve gone ahead and designed this survey for backers to give us some feedback on their experience with the game.  If you have played the game already and wouldn’t mind helping us out, please take some time to answer this short survey about your experience so far so that we can improve Ruin of the Reckless in the final days approaching release and beyond!


Merchandise and Order Fulfillment

(If you’re not concerned with Kickstarter merchandise fulfillment you can skip this part.)

So first of all, I want to check up on every body. ALL backers that paid for the game should have now received their game keys, ALL backers that purchased plushies should now have received their new buddies, Backers should also now be beginning to receive art prints. (There are a few exceptions to this but those people have been contacted)

If you are expecting rewards that have NOT been received, please contact us immediately so we can sort you out.  We have a shortlist of people that we have reached out to but were unable to send out their requested rewards. Usually this is because the address you gave us through backerkit is incomplete. By my count, there are about 8 such people that have emailed and not received a response.  If you still want your backer wards, please contact us!

Reviews and Coverage

Reviews and final press coverage for the game are finally starting to trickle in and I am pleased to report that they are pretty glowing so far.  What I wanted to do for this post was include every review, positive or not!  So far though, every thing has been pretty positive so we didn’t have much to agonize over. Any way, here is a shortlist of notable coverage we have recently received. I’m going to avoid listing Twitch Streams and Lets plays here, but there are already quite a few uploaded to both and youtube for those interested!

First up we have a video review from Youtuber Qalaxy. Qalaxy had this to say “Overall, this is a pretty awesome game.”  He did have some criticisms to levy about some information missing from the tutorial, and wished we had provided more HUD / display options.  That’s understandable, hopefully we can address some of that post release! Qalaxy also describes RotR as a “shining beacon of hope for what crowdfunding can achieve” That’s some good sauce! (Also, while i’m here I might as well point you towards this absolutely hilarious 10 minute ‘Gets Played’ by Qalaxy, the production values are wonderful and I was laughing out loud for most of it. Stay until the end for maximum enjoyment.)

Next up, here’s a review from GGSGamer. GGSGamer found RotR to be “An infuriatingly addictive and beautifully nostalgic brawler-crawler”, we’ll take it!

Here’s one from Games Almanac. “It’s got a unique art style, great characterization, a retro feel, and enough to keep you interested and likely coming back to the tower many times. If you’re willing to take the risk, and able to stay alive, then the tower is yours for the taking.”

Here’s a review from Hyper Light Up. “Ruin of the Reckless is yet another fantastic roguelike game with a unique look and sound.”, although he did wish to see a greater variety of enemy types. (8.9/10 score)

Lastly, here’s a review from Quillstreak. “Ruin of the Reckless is a wonderful new entry to the Roguelike arena that binds tantalising, mechanically sound gameplay with a gorgeous art style and an inspiring soundtrack.” (83% score)

Now, i’m sure there are more reviews coming, but i’m not sure if we will be able to do separate highlights on each them going forward.  I also would just take the time here to thank TieTuesday (again) this time for mentioning Ruin of the Reckless on Totalbiscuits wildly popular co-optional podcast.  That video alone has almost TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND VIEWS as of this writing, so it certainly couldn’t have hurt us!


Final Thoughts and Signing Off

Well, i’m not really sure what else there is to say guys! This has been a wonderfully wild ride, it has been insane, really. And here we are at the end of the line with a game that we can honestly say we’re really proud of.  We’re already taking notes on all of the feedback we are seeing for a possible mega-update or even expansion in the future. But we can’t say for sure whether something like that will be possible until we start seeing the sales numbers.

It has been an amazing journey getting this far. I hope we can count on every one’s support going forward. These last two months have been HUGE for indie gaming and there is a lot of competition out there! It remains to be seen whether we can get this title noticed by the masses, so please cross your fingers for us! Especially if you’re interested in what we turn out next!

However it works out, we want to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to every one that came along on this crazy ride with us! To our familes and friends that have supported us, and the community that has sprung up around the game!  Most of all thank you to all of the people out there that had nothing to do with us personally but still put their money on the line for the gamble that two idealistic strangers could produce something you’d want to play! Thank you all, so, so much. Thinking about it brings a tear to my eye!

We will be releasing April 26th on Steam,, The Humble Store (and maybe one more storefront that I can’t mention yet…) We’ll be posting one last big update around that time, so keep your eyes peeled!

To all of our backers (and well… every one else) don’t be strangers! Hang out on our Steam CommunityJump on to our Discord and say hi! Email us at, DM us or follow us on Twitter, or message us on facebook!


Thank you all for every thing!

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