Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #13 – Ruin of the Reckless just released! YAY!

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Ruin of the Reckless is NOW AVAILABLE!

Hello every one, I want to keep this short and sweet today. Those of you that have been following along know what’s going on!
Ruin of the Reckess is now available on Steam, and!



(We’re also available on The Humble Store!)

Ruin of the Reckless retails for $15.00 (discounted 15% to 12.75 for the first week)

The Official Soundtrack retails for $5.00 (discounted 15% to $4.25 for the first week)

The Collectors Edition Art Pack retails for $2.99 (discounted 15% to $2.54 for the first week)

It has been a long and crazy ride and we couldn’t have done it without our fans and Kickstarter community! I can’t possibly express the gratitude I feel to our community for helping us get this far. None of this could have ever been possible without your help! We will never forget what you’ve all done for us and if any of our backers ever want to talk to us, just drop us a line, our door is always open to you!

We will be doing an iAMA on reddit today HERE


For those of you that would like to go that extra mile in helping us out on release day, please consider jumping on twitter and dropping a tweet of one of the GIFs in this album along with a link to our steam store page ( Say something cool and hip like… “This totally hip, rad, and tubular game is available RIGHT now on Steam + [STEAM LINK]” Throw some hashtags on there too (#indiegames, #indiedev, #pixelart, #gamedev are all really good ones)

Don’t have a twitter, that’s totally fine! You can help spread the word through facebook, forums, reddit, discord or any other online community that you happen to be a part of.  However, please do NOT spam communities you are not a part of! Try not to annoy people, that won’t help us at all!

RotR Release GIF Collection! ROTR releases April 26th

Every sale on Steam increases our chances of making our way up the top sellers lists and that could make a big, big, BIG difference! If you don’t want to link to Steam for some reason, that’s totally fine! Just go ahead and link to our GOG or store pages instead!

That’s it everyone! We’ll be supporting the game moving forward and doing our best to make sure that all of our players have a smooth experience! We sincerely hope that you all enjoy the game!

Please come say hi in one of our online communities!


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