Ruin of the Reckless – Backer Update #2

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Hello again friends!

It has been a little while since our last update and I wanted to keep you all up to speed on what has been going on over here. My original plan was to post this on 11/8/2016, but once I realized that we were competing with the recent election, I decided to wait a few days first. Also, check the tail end of this update to find out who won all of our contests!

Backerkit stuff – If you already filled yours out, just skip this next paragraph.

Just a friendly reminder, BACKERKIT SURVEYS NEED TO BE FILLED OUT.  Almost 90% of our backers have filled out their surveys but there are still some stragglers out there.  If you haven’t filled yours out yet, please do so ASAP so we can make sure you get your rewards at the earliest opportunity.  If you don’t want to use Backerkit for some reason, please email us at Soon we will be announcing a final cut-off date to fill out your surveys and we don’t want any body to miss the train!ckcdqbys

Long term fans may recognize those cards… The ‘Gambler’ certainly knows what they’re for. Spectracide. Art by Cayiika.

Although we have been unable to actively communicate over the last few weeks, work has continued and we are making steady progress to our goal.  Ruin of the Reckless is improving every day.

We aren’t quite ready to go in to detail about our new enemies, but I wanted to give you a small preview of some of the stuff coming through on that end as well so I have included a few pictures to whet your appetite.

Time Tables

We are on track to release our beta backer build in January and for our full release in March of 2017! We have some exciting announcements about crossover content and the future of FOG in the pipeline as well. Stay tuned!

We are fully on budget. So right now it looks like a clear shot to the finish line and we couldn’t be more excited.


Dino Slimes are very much unlike skull slimes.  They do not bounce, and they are always hungry… for items Art by Hoops Doggit


The current build of the game, compared with the alpha build many of you have played already has many many new additions… Our first backer update outlined what some of those are, but here are some changes to the game that we are working on and polishing right now!


New Orbs

Power Attack. This orb increases knockback on weapon attacks and also grants certain special effects to knockback as it levels up.

Auxiliary Attack. This orb causes the player character to attack using extra weapons whenever he strikes.  Particularly powerful when using fast weapons.

Orb Eater. This orb turns every future orb you absorb in to a mini grab-bag. Best collected early in the game so you can trigger it as many times as possible.

Alchemy. Increases the effectiveness of all consumables, including potions and scrolls.

Explosive Feedback. This orb is a replacement for explosive belt, it causes a spectacular explosion whenever the player takes damage. Upgrade it repeatedly to get like… cray damage.

Lightning Rod. This orb causes the player to passively spawn lightning bolts which target nearby enemies.  The more you stack Lightning rod, the more often the effect will trigger.  I will freely admit that we got the idea from Wizard of Legend developed by Contingent99, these guys had a wildly successful Kickstarter and really kick butt. Kudos to them and their success.

Replenishment. Consume this orb to be instantly healed to full health and recharge your equipped spell book.  This has no long term benefit whatsoever and DOES take up an orb slot… but desperate times call for desperate measures!

New Offhand Orb – Money Shot. Are you collecting TOO much Zenny?  Fling your hard earned cash at enemies for massive damage. Whoops, now you just threw all of your money in the garbage! To support your reckless new habit… Perhaps you should stockpile some abilities and items that help line your coffers with extra coin.

New Offhand Orb – Corpse Explosion. Inspired by Diablos necromancer spell, and of course by Melty’s special ability from Nuclear Throne, corpse explosion consumes all nearby dead bodies in a firey explosion that damages enemies.  Upgrade to get better explosions.


Co-op Mode. 

I know people are really, really excited about co-op mode.  Danny and I haven’t touched the functionality for quite a while as we have been working on other things.  The other day I suggested that we should boot up co-op mode and run it through its paces to make sure we were on track for that, and that we hadn’t introduced any new problems with all of our tinkering.  I was very happy to see that co-op mode is still working perfectly despite all the changes we made to the game.  The only issue on this front is that 1280×720 is not really a big enough play field to support two players zipping around the way you are all accustomed to.  For this reason, we may be forced to restrict co-op play to resolutions and monitors above 1920×1080.  I know that might be pretty controversial, and we’ll be looking in to other solutions in the future which aren’t so drastic.  I just don’t want any one to be surprised if that’s ends up being the case.

Arc pets and fire pets now have totally unique (and adorable) animation frames.



Just a ‘bit’ cooler than dodecahedrons, don’t you think? Art by Hoops doggit

Explosive belt has been removed, and replaced with a new orb ability that has a similar effect.  We felt that explosive belt was underwhelming compared to other trinkets, and also would be a lot more interesting as an orb ability that could support fun upgrades as it leveled up.

Grab-Bag has been completely reworked. Many, many, many people just kind of assumed that when you consume a grab-bag Orb that it would have a random effect, so now it does!  Grab bag now has four beneficial effects it can trigger and when collected two of them will occur.  This more closely fits with player expectations and makes the orb a lot more fun and interesting to play with than it was before. Gamble your life away on grab-bag orbs, you might get ‘exactly’ the thing you need…

New Trinket – Alchemists Belt. Grants extra consumables on level up.  This is part of a new suite of abilities/items that will allow players to go ‘heavy consumable’ the same way that they can go ‘heavy spellcaster’ or ‘heavy melee specialist’, or any number of other weird builds that are now possible.

New Consumable – Potion of the Jackal. This STUPID potion deals a point of damage to you every time you drink one.  It’s pointless really! Unless… hmm…

New spells – a ton. We have quite a few new spells that we will be able to show off in a future update…

New Scrolls – Every spell in the game now has a consumable scroll counterpart that instantly launches a fully charged version of the spell.  (think of the old fire potion for an example.)  And yes, the ‘fire potion’ is now a ‘fire scroll.’  We believe in consistency!

What’s Next


This one is actually a redesign of an older enemy… can you guess which one? Art by Corey Miller.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for future updates highlighting exciting new deals we’re working on, and more information on the spells and monsters that we are adding right now!


Contest Winners

During the Kickstarter we ran multiple contests for our streamers and players.  As promised, we are going to announce the final list of all contest winners.  We are administrating all of this ourselves manually, so if you think we made a mistake please let us know ASAP so we can make sure you get taken care of.

Tower Champions – Those of you that participated in the alpha had the chance to become tower champions by being one of the first two people to EVER scale the Ruin of the Reckless.  Tower champions will each receive a skullslime, an art print, and will have a character backstory of their choice integrated in to one of the legends told by the Whisperer of Secrets! Yay.



Tower Legends – (If you won one of our other prizes you will not be included in this list, but you’re still a tower legend, don’t worry. ) Any streamer that reached the final floor of our alpha build during the initial phase of the Kickstarter alpha is now a tower legend. Tower legends will receive an art print and be integrated in to one of the legends told by the whisperer of secrets. You will each also receive giveaway keys for the beta backer build to share with your friends when the time comes.



Longest Stream – TieTuesday – We want to extend a sincere thanks to TieTuesday for conducting the longest stream of Ruin of the Reckless during our Kickstarter alpha and for helping us reach a ton of people. There’s a good chance that Ruin of the Reckless would never have happened without Tie’s help.  For that reason, Tie will be receiving a Kickstarter Skullslime, Kickstarter Ratcoon, and a personalized art print.  Thank you again for helping us shatter our initial goal in the first week!

Speedrunning Prize #1 – WhiteLlamaPooPoo

Another friend to us that threw his support behind us here at Faux-Operative Games.  WhiteLlamaPooPoo managed to (at the time) post the fastest ever time for Ruin of the Reckless.  By doing so he earned himself a Skullslime plushie and enshrined himself as a legend of the tower.

Speedrunning Prize # 2 – RaneOfSotN

This guy posted one of the most incredible speed runs I have ever seen.  There is a decent chance it will never be beaten since the tower will be bigger the next time you all see it.  It was a very impressive run, and for completing the RotR Kickstarter Alpha faster than any one else did ever… he will be receiving a Skullslime plushie and a signed art print.

Consolation Prizes


For being the first streamer to play our game live, and to say thank you for the intense support and friendship extended to us by Absnerdity, and for collecting almost every single contest prize that we offered… only to be shortly dethroned by someone else at every turn, we have decided to offer Absnerdity a Kickstarter Skullslime, Kickstarter Ratcoon, and a personalized signed art print as well. Thank you Absnerdity!


For being one of our earliest champions, putting almost 100 hours in to the alpha, being a stand-up guy, a Tower Champion (earning himself a Skullslime any way) and being one of our most experienced, effective, and best players. And finally, just to say, thank you for his incredible support during our Kickstarter, he will also be receiving a kickstarter Ratcoon in addition to the other prizes he earned. Thanks GamesWeStream!

Rumrusher and Robomythos

Rumrusher and Robomythos, two viewers from Tietuesday’s stream, pumped out a ton of awesome fan art featuring Stargrove, The Gauntlet, Skullslimes, Ratcoons, and more.  We wanted to say thank you to these two for helping us spread the word and build hype.  They will each also be receiving a Skullslime plushie.  Here’s just a few of our favorite pieces.

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That’s it for now! Thanks again every one.

Charles and Danny.









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