Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #4 – BETA BACKER BUILD RELEASED!

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Hello friends!

As promised, all backers above the $25.00 level have now received an invite to The Beta backer Build (Beta Build 0.4)

So this is a formal announcement of the beta release, and some notes about what you can expect to find.


Here’s the best part, you already have it!  The build has been pushed to Steam so if you downloaded it back during the Kickstarter then it is ready to update and play right now! Just close Steam, open it again, and your update will begin. Let us know what you think! If all goes according to plan, your old alpha build save file will be seamlessly deleted under the hood so you don’t have to do any thing but open Steam and launch the game.

However, please keep in mind that a release like this has a lot of moving pieces. There is a pretty decent chance that some horrible error or oversight will crop up. So… if something does go wrong, we really apologize, and we promise we will get it resolved ASAP!


If you backed at the appropriate level but still can’t access the game, or if you can’t find your serial number, please let us know and we will set you up!

Most of our previous updates focused on the things we have added so far, but there is a lot I never got the chance to cover. To discover all of the new items, orbs, enemies, strategies, and other additions we’ve added you’ll just need to jump in and play! (because that’s not what this post is about.)

What’s Left?


So much has changed since the last time you all had a chance to play, it is more appropriate to tell you what is missing from the game still, and what we plan to add before release.

Here are the major things we want to get added in moving forward.

‘Stella’ pixel art by the talented Rafael Francois (Twitter: @rathaelos)

Co-op Play – Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get the necessary assets finished in time to enable co-op play quite yet.  However, it is now our number one priority. This is the next feature we want to add which is why it’s at the top of this list. Pretty soon, you will be able to adventure through the game with a friend!


Mid-Boss Tweaking – Right now there is a full boss battle which occurs halfway through the tower. Although we are pretty happy with the tone and pace of the fight, and many of the elements involved, we are still waiting on some art and sound design which should make the whole thing feel a lot better. We are eager to hear your feedback on what you think of of the current iteration of this fight (if you can even get there, MWAHAHAHA) and integrate it in to the experience by improving the elements you think are the most frustrating, or fun, or important. Of course, the balance of this fight is crucial so don’t be shy with the feedback. No screenshot yet because as far as I know nobody but me or Danny has even seen this sequence yet and we want to keep it a surprise for you guys (also the art isn’t fully done yet.)


Final Boss and ending sequence – We are in the process of designing/implementing the final boss fight against our mysterious antagonist. This includes designing the final boss itself (and his environment) and creating the fight as well as fashioning an intro that is capable of handling both Stargrove and Stella, or either one of them… as well as integrating an ending sequence for the game.  This is another character we aren’t comfortable revealing the design for, since the final boss is connected to the lore of the tower and it would be a major spoiler.


Sound Design – Many of the sounds in the game still need iteration and polish.  We spent a long time looking for the right person to handle our sound and eventually settled on Wes Devore because he really impressed us with his technical know-how and skill.  We are still in the process of going through with him and updating/adding to many of the sounds in game, but if a specific asset jumps out to you as being needed or needing tweaking let us know!


Finished Chaos Card Art – You will notice that we have changed the Chaos Card art style to be much more detailed.  We wanted collecting these to feel really cool. We are going to get every card in the game looking this good thanks to the help of the very talented Rolando Ortiz (twitter: @bnmotive) Currently, however, many of the cards in game have a little ‘grey backpack’ on them instead, which simply means the art for that card is not finished yet. Soon, they will all be in game and ready to go. Which of you will be the first to collect all 34? (and yes, there will be a few more added before release as well)


Polish to some elements – We have more polished/nicer art coming for the crates (which will soon be accompanied by barrels), and we want to add some really nice special effects so that thrashing your way through the tower feels as great as we know it can.) Really, besides that though, we will be adding polish to things that we think still need it (like, for example, gravity bomb…) , and also to things that YOU still think need it, so let us know your thoughts!


Optimization – Although there are MANY optimizations included in this build when compared to the alpha, we still expect that certain systems and configurations will end up having some performance issues.  The beta is our chance to investigate the cause of such issues and resolve them, so if you are having performance issues PLEASE GET IN CONTACT WITH US! You are our front line of defense in the war against slowdown. We cannot possibly test the game on a wide enough range of systems to collect this data ourselves so please report any issues that you have.


One more enemy – One of our backers asked to see how the game/balance is stacking up in the beta backer build before they design their enemy, so we will be adding one more enemy to the game, which will likely be a lower level creature designed to make the earlier floors a bit more varied.


Bug Fixing – Although we tried our very best to eliminate as many bugs as we could, to find them all we will need your help! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any bugs you find.  All of our backers will soon receive a link to our BACKER COMMUNITY TRELLO. Trello is a really amazing group workboard where we can share and collaborate with our backers…  and where you can report bugs and leave feedback for us as well.


Pixel art by the talented Joe Rogers (twitter: @jrrogersart)

Ace Blade – There is one more backer NPC to add;Ace Blade. (Sai, the trader, is already in) Ace will be harder to find than Sai, and will offer the player direct combat assistance inside the tower once you can successfully get him on your side. In keeping with our general design philosophy though, his help is acquired DURING a run, not between runs , and if you should be defeated you will need to find him again to enlist his aid.

Pixel art by the talented Joe Rogers (twitter: @jrrogersart)

I also want to take this opportunity to extend a special thanks to Meg Ziegler and Marc Macgruder for backing us at the ‘Harbinger of the Reckless’ level and making the inclusion of these really flavorful NPCs possible! We *also* really want to thank Skye Clark, who backed us at the ‘Harbinger’ level but opted not to design a character for the game. (Skye just wanted an excuse to help the project out. Thanks Skye!)


Difficulty Tuning – A game like Ruin of the Reckless REQUIRES high difficulty to function, however, I want you all to know that this build is deliberately overtuned in that respect.  What I mean to say that it is harder then the final game will be.  This is because it is much easier for us to tone the difficulty down, then it is for us to tone the difficulty ‘up.’  So don’t be surprised if the tower feels very daunting right now, that is by design and part of the plan. However, just *how much* we tone it down is going to be in large part guided by YOU. That means we need your feedback to get the difficulty just right. This includes the balance of the various items, orbs, and abilities, so let us know if you find any thing to be ‘useless’ or ‘super overpowered.’  And… just a tip: Stomping Boots + Rapier feels pretty strong right now, and plenty of items that don’t seem that great at first glance are actually quite good if you build around them.


Credit sequence – We have had the opportunity to work with a lot of amazing people (including all of our wonderful backers), so this credit sequence will be our way of saying thanks to them! I’ll be honest, it probably isn’t going to be a super elaborate thing because we need to spend our time on actual game content for you to enjoy, but we will be making sure it looks polished and does due justice to all of our backers above the ‘special thanks’ tier as well as our collaborators on the project.


ALRIGHT! That’s every thing. As you can see, there is actually quite a bit of work to do in the time we have left, so we are going to be working around the clock.  However, with the help of our backers and contractors, if we work full bore, we still think we can have the game finished and ready to go by the end of March.

Once again I want to thank all of you for helping us out and making this project possible. We look forward to working with you all to make Ruin of the Reckless the best game it can possibly be. To stay up to date on the very latest news about Ruin of the Reckless, please don’t forget to follow us on twitter @fauxoperative

Signing off for now,
Charles Webb and Daniel Crockenberg

Faux-Operative Games




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