Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #7 – Heading Towards Release

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Hello every one!

Today is an important update for Ruin of the Reckless, as it marks the release of version 0.8C. This is the first ‘feature complete’ build of the game to be prepared. It is missing only the character endings. As usual, this blog post will be posted on Kickstarter early tomorrow morning.

The new build has already been pushed to all of our beta backers via Steam.

To all of our beta backers, please give the build some runs and leave feedback on our community Trello. Let us know what you think, experiment, try to break the game, and try out co-op mode as well.  We will need your help to ferret out the remaining issues and bugs that we have to find before release. Once our beta backers help us confirm that this build is bug free and ready for prime time we will begin the process of adding the final elements and getting keys ready for all of our other backers. Once that happens, we will be asking ALL of our backers to start running the game through its paces, finding the last remaining errors, and sharing their feedback for us to integrate as we move towards release.

Any way, without further ado; Here are the new features and game elements that are included in this build:

Please note that there are tons of little tweaks and incremental changes not listed here. I think I have covered every thing that will be very noticeable or impactful since last time.  At this point, the only major feature still missing is the special/unique character endings. These are in progress and should be ready to go before the end of the month, hopefully along with a set of collectible Steam Cards and a new trailer for the game. As I mentioned, once the endings are in and this build is fully tested we will begin sending out keys to ALL of our backers that paid for access to the game.

New Features


Ace Blade: has been added to the tower. He can be summoned using the rare and valuable ‘Ace of Blades’ playing cards which can be found inside the tower, and has an associated Chaos Card which can be found in the shop. Ace will answer your call by descending in to the tower and wreaking some havoc on your behalf. More than any other item in the game, the Ace of Blades truly is a ‘get out of jail free card. He really is quite dangerous.  Special thanks to Marc Magruder for backing at ‘The Harbinger Of the Reckless’ level and helping us design Ace Blade!


New Fancy Title Screen: complete with a new original theme song track composed by Slime Girls.


The addition of Stella: Stella and Stargrove are equal in skill and capabilities, but each spirit has a unique look and ending sequence.  Play them together in co-op mode and scale the tower as a team! Stella can be played in single player mode or co-op mode. We really want to extend a very special thanks to Ishkandar Azani for making Stella possible by generously backing at the ‘The Reckless One’ level, and also for designing such a fun and interesting character that we were legitimately pumped to include in the game.

PS4 controller support has been added:  PS4 controllers will be recognized if connected and the hud will respond appropriately. However, to get the ‘correct’ experience you will need to go in to your gamepad settings and switch ‘gamepad type’ to PS4, otherwise certain HUD elements will display incorrectly for you.


New Credits Sequence: We have added a new credits sequence accessible from the main title screen. If you feel that you have been left off this list for any reason please contact us immediately!

Game Balance

Rapier: now has an extra hitbox which appears over the player on use. It should be much harder to take damage while lunging in to crowds. Doesn’t make the end location any safer though!

Heavy Blast Bracer: now has ending lag instead of starting lag. It is still risky to use and can cause issues, but you won’t find yourself getting ripped to pieces by enemies because you werne’t fast enough to react to their presence.

Improved Boss Battles: We have overhauled the mid and final boss fights to be much more fluid and engaging.

Barrels and Boxes: now have a small chance to drop items or enemies.

Rebalanced Orb powers: Gust and Power Slash have both been retooled and improved.

Teleportation Boots Removed: Teleportation boots have been replaced with a new Power Orb ->Teleportation.

Lots of other little tweaks as well!

Visual Improvements

New Fonts: have been replaced with higher resolution variants to increase readability. Thanks to Christopher Wearly for the awesome fonts.

Fixed Tile Errors: Almost every tile placement error has been resolved.

New Tiles: New Grass and sand tiles have been added to both tile sets.  The old grass tiles just weren’t very pretty so they have been replaced. Thanks to Jasper Boerstra for the new art.

New barrel/Box breaking Visuals: We added some neat effects to barrels and boxes when you break them. Thanks to Thomas Lean for the wonderful art.

New Sprites for Bosses: Both the final and mid bosses have received major overhauls to their animations and sprites.

Portal Fixes Monster and fire ball portals now correctly show silhouettes behind occluding walls.

Many, many, more little visual fixes all over the game on many visual elements.

Audio Improvements:

New Sounds: Many sounds have been retooled and improved since the last build as well.

Once again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support. We could have never brought the game to fruition without you all and we will be forever grateful to the wonderful community of players and backers that helped us fight to make Ruin of the Reckless a reality.

That’s it for today. We are very eager to see what you guys all think of the new build. We will have further announcements about our release plans and release date before the end of the month.

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