Ruin of the Reckless Backer Update #8 – Version 0.9A

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Hey every body,
This is just a quick update to let you know what’s going on  right not at Faux-Operative Games in the lead up to a big announcement later this week. Our next update will include some very exciting news including the announcement of our release date.

Art Prints / Merchandise

Alright, so those of you that gave to the Kickstarter at the > $50.00 range probably have noticed you haven’t received your art prints yet.

unnamedHere’s how they turned out! (Sorry for the bad lighting, I am not a photographer!) No logo on these because we wanted to show off Maki Naro’s beautiful art! People will ask “where is that awesome art-print from?” and you will say “Why it’s from Ruin of the Reckless, silly!”

The above picture really doesn’t do the prints justice, they are super glossy and look really good in person.

They are already signed and ready to go; we will be sending them out this week, so you should be receiving them soon.  Just a note; if you were supposed to receive a Skullslime or a Ratcoon and have NOT received it, please contact us at so we can sort you out. Once we send out these art prints we will have delivered all of the merchandise promised during our Kickstarter campaign, so that will be a big milestone!

Version 0.9A

Version 0.9A has been completed and pushed to steam.  This version of the game is feature complete, there is nothing ‘missing’ from this build making it a good approximation of what the final game will look like. Please note, this does NOT mean the build is error free.  We will be asking our backers and supporters to please run through the new build and see if they can ferret out whatever remaining issues there are.  Here is a rundown of what’s new in this build…

Character Specific Endings

The big addition here is the character specific endings.  I’ll warn you guys in advance that if you beat the game with the ‘BABY’ chaos card equipped you shouldn’t expect to get the ‘full’ ending that you would otherwise.  We’re fine with some people getting this painful surprise, but not you, our blog-reading die-hards. As for the ‘normal’ endings, I won’t spoil too much here! These endings will teach you a lot more about the world of Ruin of the Reckless than you knew before.  I hope we get a chance to explore this universe a bit more with our upcoming games!

Herbal Potions


Herbal health potions get more expensive the more you buy.

We have added a special ‘herbal healing potion’ .  This item only (and always) appears inside the shop.  It will heal one hit point, and you can buy it repeatedly. Each herbal health potion costs more than the last one though, so it’s an easy way to heal one or two health at each shop but more than that can get pretty expensive.

We think this mechanic will play nicely in to the ‘risk-reward’ theming of the game, as well as give players a bit more leeway in their decision making with regards to health.

Bug Fixes

Lots of little buggies fixed in this version when compared with 0.8. Here’s a shortlist…

Fixed an error that caused Dino Slimes to behave incorrectly near items. Fixed an error that caused Dino slimes to become ‘stuck black’ under certain rare circumstances.

Fixed (hopefully) all remaining wall tile errors in dungeon generation.

Fixed (hopefully)  an error that caused the mid-boss fight to fail to start under certain rare circumstances.

Gave Stella her own ‘death sound’

Fixed a depth sorting error that caused coins to sometimes disappear ‘behind’ walls.

Fixed an error that caused sword storm to sometimes generate invisible swords when Vampires casted it.

Fixed an error that caused certain visual glitches when Golems were present.

Fixed the timing on various weapon start-ups and lags.

Fixed an error that caused an unsightly ‘pushing boxes’ error when ratcoons touched boxes.

Fixed an error that caused players to be unable to pick up items that were too close to Ace Blade.

Updates to final boss fight and ‘The Builder’ enemy.

Fixed an error that caused shockwaves to have an incorrect hitbox (that nobody noticed this WHOLE time, somehow…)









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