Ruin of the Reckless backerkit FINAL NOTICE – deadline is THIS FRIDAY 12-16

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Hello friends, today is just a very short announcement about backerkit!

Ruin Plush (2 of 4)

“It’s time” says Frank the Skullslime

I have been in talks with our plushie artists, and the Skullslimes are almost done! We want to get these out to all of you guys BEFORE Christmas! Yay! Ratcoons may take a bit longer, but we have to close backerkit all at once so there’s not much we can do about that!

What that means though, is that we need to finalize our backerkit details by this weekend so we can start packing and shipping these in the coming weeks.


“Stop procrastinating” Says Rigsby the Ratcoon

So this is your FINAL NOTICE. It’s looking like Backerkit needs to be signed off on by THIS FRIDAY 12-16! Please check your emails and log in to backerkit to confirm your orders! If you can’t find your email, use this recovery address:

And as always, if you really do not want to use backerkit for some reason please contact us at and can help you out manually, just be aware that it may cause delays in shipment for you.

If you miss the deadline we are going to have to handle your order manually and that is going to take a LOT longer.  So please log in, let us know your details, and let’s get this show on the road!


Thanks again and Happy Holidays from Faux-Operative Games!



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