Ruin of the Reckless has a new (lower) price on all platforms!

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Hello friends,

I wanted to let everyone know a few days in advance that in the very near future we will be lowering the price of Ruin of the Reckless on all platforms from $15.00 to $10.00 (US). This price will be adjusted by region.

This change has already gone through to Steam and we will be making necessary preparations for it to go through on, GOG, and The Humble Store in the very near future.


Now available for $9.99!

This price change is the result of a few considerations:

  1. Lowering our price 3 months after release was always part of the plan.
  2. In the near future, we will be announcing some news about releases on the horizon for Ruin of the Reckless.  I can’t say *too* much more about that just yet; but this price change will help us prepare for what is coming.

Thanks everyone for your support so far! There is more to come for Ruin of the Reckless!

Charles and Daniel

Faux-Operative Games

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